10 essential Instagram strategies for Creative Pages

By following the best Instagram strategies, you can make your Instagram feed an activity hub. Instagram isn’t simply an image-sharing application. It has grown into a highly effective tool that allows artists across various disciplines to present the work they create to a vast public.

Knowing how to make the most of increasing popularity on Instagram and tap into the growing community will pay dividends for illustrators and artists, and it’s not surprising that those who have more significant followings enjoy the benefits. However, simply seeking out Likes isn’t going to increase engagement, notably as Instagram is phasing out Like numbers (for more information, check out the Instagram engagement post).

To increase Insta engagement is a matter of a sharp eye, an interesting perspective, and enthusiasm for your work (and obviously, easy tips like changing the font used in the text of your Instagram biography). It’s good news for those with limited time; getting your Instagram profile right does not require as much effort as you imagine. You can also get free Instagram likes with Mr. Insta.

01. Work together to share your methods

The East London-based animation company Animade is a London-based animation studio with Animade, a London-based animation company with 148,000 followers. It primarily utilizes Instagram to showcase their work that they’re the proudest of and provide information about how they create things. “It’s a place to showcase the love of our craft, share knowledge, and air some of our smaller, weirder experiments,” says Amy Egan, head of marketing.

“A big part of our studio culture is about experimentation and play – whether that’s trying out new software or techniques or using any available time to work on a passion project – and I think our content on Instagram reflects this,” Egan says. Egan.

In addition to posting a mix of passion and client projects and animated pieces that are finished, Animade often shares work in progress or behind-the-scenes reports that the team believes could be interesting. It also includes what they refer to as “breakdowns,” animated demonstrations of how a specific piece was constructed, which has become famous (see the previous paragraph).

“Often clients look to social media as a way of spotting talent, with the website as a secondary port of call,” says Egan. “We’ve had clients get in touch with us directly after seeing a specific post on Instagram; sometimes it just encapsulates what they’re looking for.”

Instead of adhering to a strict posting schedule, Animade tends to share whenever they are enthusiastic about the news or something. “We try to make sure we post as often as we can to avoid any ‘tumbleweed’ moments.”

02. Choose the most important themes and stay with them

Instead of establishing the exact strategy, you will use to create a plan for your content, Bristol-based illustrator Rosi Tooth, who has over 9,000 followers, suggests following simple guidelines. Consistency is essential, mainly to build a following that stays. “Interact and understand your audience, consistently produce content that is in line with your ethos and most importantly make work that you love,” she says. “For me, a great account is an authentic account; feeds that not only have unique styles but also show off the artists as a person.”

Doing work that aims to challenge our perception of what a woman’s body ought to be through playful drawings and clay figures, Yip’s feed is full of subtle colors of fleshy, pink shades, but it’s not only about her artwork. “I like to break up my drawings with photographs. I believe this makes the drawings stand out and don’t appear too over-the-top,” she says.

After a hiatus of many months, Yip has managed to increase her following from 300 followers to more than 3,000 in just six months. She has stayed true to the topics and issues which matter to her most.

Focusing on topics related to the creative process, freelance work, food, and humor, Hom narrowed down her subject matter based on what she was interested in and what topics have been a hit with her followers the most. “I often joke that the things you should explore in your Instagram are the five categories you’d be the most confident in if you were playing Jeopardy!”

03. Make your space yours

Since beginning to join Instagram in 2011, the Amsterdam-based artist Timo Kuilder who has over 32,000 followers, has built a following impressive thanks to his simple characters, minimalist color palettes, and precise linework. He encourages trusting your intuition and sharing the work that you are most passionate about.

“I’ve started using Instagram almost like a sketchbook and try to be less rigid about it. Once in a while I share a print, work in progress or a timelapse as well. Although I tend to do this in Stories instead of my feed.”

Not so concerned about posting in the interest of likes, Kuilder says that the most important thing for him is to have fun. “A recent obsession was using colored outlines and cloth and how it can wrinkle on objects. In those cases, I share a lot of style explorations and just tiny ideas or sketches. Instagram becomes a glimpse into my sketchbook. Just make this space your own; it’s your private gallery where no one tells you what to do.”

Japan-born visual artist based in Brooklyn Hisham AkikaBharoocha He has more than 96,000 followers. “The one thing that I always do is be authentic. It’s been my standard for a long time, and people seem to like the same.”

04. Don’t over-curate

Bharoocha is a prolific artist who creates work with collage murals of considerable size and installation work, music pieces, and sound performance. “I post at times where I believe most people are using their gadgets. It’s typically during lunch break or evenings after work early mornings on weekends. Sometimes, I’m required to create scheduled posts for jobs that require social posts, which I then let my client and my agency Hugo & Marie make the final decision. I simply make the caption as I would write the caption in my voice.”

Hom says that the idea of a curated feed isn’t something she’s consciously thought of. “My method is to focus on the things I enjoy and have much about, and then make an effort to work with the things I am passionate about. My feed isn’t something I would say is deliberately curated, but it’s an expression of my personality.”

“Some people do have a ton of success with extremely curated feeds but that is not me in any shape or form, so I do not prescribe to that style,” He continues Hisham. “There aren’t enough people that don’t hesitate to garner an abundance of likes. When you like it, post it if it has meaning to you. Personally, I am very dissatisfied with the over-stylised feeds.”

05. Play around with applications

For creative people who want to build an aura of unison on the Instagram feed, software for editing images can help keep an even color scheme on images like Daisy Emerson. She has more than 23,000 followers she has observed. “I’m very particular about what I post. I’ll edit a photo to appear like the other previous work and take pictures the same way.”

Hand-painted letters and typography, Emerson paints bespoke pieces with enamel. Often, they are done by hand using gold leaf. “A important aspect is the color palette. I would not post photos if they had some colours that weren’t in line my theme, yet again to ensure uniformity,” she adds. ” I use an app for editing called A Colour Story, which is really good for achieving great-looking photos and clever editing.”

06. Find out your odd

“Think about what you do that’s different,” Egan says. Egan. ” We haven’t had in mind, and we’ve noticed that our more bizarre projects draw a lot of interest, like Ricard’s Watering the Plant that features an unwearying goggles-wearing person who takes care of plants in the form of high-tech hamster cage with a surprise twist. It was able to stop people from their feet. It received 2.2 million views and more than 480 comments.

For Animade Self-initiated Animations and illustrations created in the studio typically get the most interest. One recent example was Frida’s Teabag, which has received 143,000 plays. “It’s a sassy teabag dancing provocatively around a cup of tea.” Says

Egan. “The post with the highest engagement to date explains Ed’s walking Chili pet (shown in the tip number 1) and shows the components of the dog’s moving leg. It racked up 3.4 million views!”

07. Create your community

If you’re committed to expanding your followers, it’s essential to put in the time to initiate conversations with genuine enthusiasm, as suggested by Bharoca. Engaging with people you are attracted to and sense a solid connection could increase engagement on your Instagram feed. “I do this because I would like people to know that they like their work, and not simply a “like” is the view of Bharoca. “Often, people will glance through your works and then decide whether or not they would like to follow your profile by the interactions you have with them. I find it frustrating that people do not engage with each other. It’s selfish and doesn’t help build any community spirit.”

Yip agrees. “I believe that Instagram Stories are a fantastic method of communicating with your followers too. You can ask questions directly and conduct polls with no needing your audience to be involved in any. Additionally, it’s great for sharing your work with others, as well as more intimate parts of your life that you don’t wish to share in your social media feed.”

“I use Stories to post images of my son, events I go to, gatherings I go to, things I think are funny and don’t need to live forever online,” says Bharoocha. “I’ve found that a lot more people engage with Stories and I find myself enjoying watching other people’s stories as it is a window into people’s lives that is candid.”

08. Do not bother with extended captions

Animade’s Instagram content shows the passion and enthusiasm of its culture. “We want to be transparent about our process of working by sharing our experiments and demonstrating the way things were made often in amazing detail. Not just for people who work in the industry. Our “education swipes” (above) were designed to break down animation terminology for a larger public in a manner that’s still enjoyable and interesting. The work speaks for itself, and we avoid long descriptions.”

Bharoocha agrees. “I am incredibly annoyed by seeing tiny variations of one project unless it adds a depth to the content of the initial post. You can change the subject. If you post only one photo, post a video about the process. You can discuss it in the caption, but don’t make it a novel because the public doesn’t want to read it.”

09. Value

Alongside her vibrant artistic practice, Hom is a strong advocate for her community, giving advice and insights into the industry, and hosts the weekly ‘Hom-work’ challenge that calls for illustrators and artists to join in and produce works according to a theme or theme that she picks.

“It’s one of the things that has helped grow my community on Instagram,” Hom adds. Hom. “One of the things I noticed after talking to artists for a couple of years – and of course being one myself – is that it’s nerve-wracking to sit down in front of a blank page and want to create, but feel overwhelmed, and so these prompts are designed to get people started.” Hom is a proponent of the ‘Hom-work challenge 3 or 4 times every week through Instagram Stories. “I can showcase works of other artists to my vast public, and they can build their community. It’s an all-win situation.”

Doing something for others through this manner has not just seen her engagement on Instagram skyrocket, and Hom’s infectious enthusiasm and drive have allowed her to grow a loyal Instagram following. “A great Instagram account is something that brings value and remains consistent,” Hom says. Hom. “It means that someone who follows you will be confident that they will always know what they’re going to get and what they can expect.”

10. Balance yourself

Relying solely on social media to market your business isn’t risk-free. Hom disagrees that Instagram is essential for making it a design tool despite Hom’s success. “Instagram is just one way to show your portfolio and showcase your work noticed. It’s not the ultimate goal and the end-all. I don’t believe that emerging designers and illustrators should see the world in this in any way.” the designer admits. “At all times, your portfolio and personal style and point of view are more significant. Instagram is merely a tool.

Social media platforms change, and, naturally, you can browse our favorite websites for social media here. “I think regardless of the platform, as a visual artist / illustrator once you figure out who you are and what you’re passionate about you will do well on any social media platform.” Hom concludes. Hom. “I began with Tumblr about seven years ago and it’s no longer what it was back then and, while Instagram is the trend at the moment, it’s hard to predict what will be happening seven years’ time. The most effective thing you can do is work towards developing your work and personal style.”

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