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4 Common Male Misconceptions About Sex

Male stereotypes, bravado, and pornography can make men misguided about sex. It is not until a man meets a partner or embarks on an active sex life that he might realize his mistakes.

Unfortunately, some beliefs can prevent a man from improving his performance, maximizing pleasure, or learning from his mistakes. To grow your knowledge and improve your techniques, you must have a clear understanding of foreplay, penetration, and more. Here are four common male misconceptions about sex.

  • Sex Must Last for Hours

The belief that men should be able to have sex for hours can damage a man’s self-esteem. Believe it or not, the average male will likely not last longer than three to seven minutes during penetration. Also, women will not want to have sex for hours at a time.

Of course, if you struggle to maintain an erection or have poor stamina, you can take a dragon strong capsule to enhance your performance. The herbal supplement from can help you naturally last longer during sex, improving your sexual confidence and pleasure.

  • Foreplay Is a Waste of Time

Foreplay is essential in a heterosexual relationship. Yet, some men make the mistake of believing it is an unnecessary step, but many women need foreplay to feel more aroused during sex, which will improve their comfort, pleasure, and sexual liberation. 

A man must take the time to kiss, caress, and touch a woman to ensure she feels aroused before penetration. It is almost guaranteed to increase her sexual appetite and ensure both partners remember the encounter with huge smiles on their faces.

  • Sex Should Be Like Porn

Movies and pornography glamourize vaginal, anal, and oral sex. As a result, it can set harmful expectations or ideas of people’s bodies, pleasure, and performance. The films don’t show you the realities of sex with a long or short-term partner, such as pets walking in during the act, falling on the floor, fumbling in the dark, or feeling tired, hot, or thirsty. Men must stop putting pressure on themselves and their partners to be perfect and focus on building a sexual connection, maximizing pleasure, and having fun between the sheets.

  • Communication Isn’t Important

Communication should extend beyond dirty talk. If you believe sex isn’t a good time to speak to a partner, you are making a huge mistake. The more you communicate during sex, the more you may understand your partner’s likes, wants, and needs. 

For this reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions such as:

  • Does this feel good?
  • Do you want me to go fast or slow?
  • Do you want the lights on or off?
  • What turns you on?
  • How do you want to orgasm? 

Guaranteed asking questions before and during sex will maximize pleasure while making a partner feel safe and respected.

Don’t allow misconceptions to stand in the way of a fun and satisfying sex life. Bear the above advice in mind to take intercourse to the next level and blow a partner’s mind.

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