5 Fun Ideas for Mid-Summer Work Events

How many trust falls can one group do? Team-building exercises and group activities are a necessary part of building company culture, but it is possible to overdo the same concepts and activities. The guest lectures were nice the first hundred times or so, but now employees want more. Consider private boat charters or other activities. Going outside is often preferable to sitting in an auditorium or dark restaurant in the summer months.

Where To Take Your Employees Out This Summer

How often do you and your team get to spend time outside of the office, away from the project deadlines and office politics? Summer work events should focus more on socializing and building rapport among team members. Therefore, you might want to take the team outdoors. Go outside and play games, or if it is too hot in the sun, gather the group for an evening cocktail cruise San Diego. The location and timeframe are up to you and completely negotiable, but make sure you get outside. The sun and fresh air can do wonders for mental health.

Planning Your Work Event

When focusing on team building San Diego it is vital to plan. While spontaneous activities are fun, businesses run on schedules. You need to make sure that the work event does not interfere with any major projects or deadlines. The last thing you want is employees stressing out about meeting deadlines because they are being forced to take part in a work activity.

The activity should be a relief and something to look forward to. If team members are too focused on projects, they cannot enjoy the event. As the event planner, you need to balance deadlines and projects to ensure everyone can relax and have fun with each other during the work event.

5 Fun Ideas for Work Events

There are so many options for team building and work events. However, you will need to determine the purpose of the event. For example, if the team is supposed to generate ideas or perform acts that require coordination, you might want to avoid events with alcohol. Additionally, if the event is supposed to help the team blow off steam, keep the party away from uptight and stuffy restaurants, such as those that require business attire.

Work events can run the gamut of activities, from concerts to bowling. When planning or selecting an activity, you want to consider the group and what the team will most likely enjoy. There are at least five activities that most people will enjoy, including:

  1. Whale watching
  2. Field day
  3. Scavenger hunt
  4. Charity event
  5. Beach day

Work events do not have to be stiff and stale. If you want to make your next work event fun and enjoyable, then think outside of the box. If you are struggling with coming up with suitable ideas, consider talking to a professional event planner or local service. Work events are vital to developing corporate culture and establishing friendships within teams. A team that meshes well tends to perform well also.

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