6 Qualities For A Good Quran Tutor

Every Muslim in this world wants to learn the Holy Quran. It is the dream of every Muslim to gain good knowledge and understanding of the Quran. However, if you want to learn the Quran, there are many ways to do it. One way is to learn the Quran online. 

When you learn the Quran online, you will be able to learn it with comfort and ease. To learn the Quran online, you need an online Quran tutor. There are a lot of benefits to a qualified tutor. You need to find an experienced and good tutor to get a better understanding of the Quran. Quran tutoring is highly encouraged in Islam.

When you hire an online Quran tutor, you will have a lot of advantages. Not all Muslims live in a Muslim nation. Many people do not have access to madrasas and scholars. Online Quran tutoring can provide you with a good solution. 

So you no longer need to worry about putting effort into learning the Quran from madrasas. The option for you are the online classes. However, there are a lot of benefits of these online classes. Here are some of them:

  • Your Tutor Must Possess Good Recitation Skills

The most important thing that the Quran tutor must have is Quran recitation skills. Recitation is the most important thing in learning the Quran. If the tutor is good at recitation, then a bulk of your problems are erased. The tutor will teach you the right way, which will change your course of reciting the Quran from good to bad. This will help you a lot as your reciting skills will improve. 

As we know that there are not enough madrasas in the US. Muslims need to learn the Quran so that they can have a good understanding of the Islamic teachings. If your online Quran tutor is a good one, then you are a lucky person. As the good reciter of the Quran will teach you Tajweed as well. Learning Tajweed is important as Without tajweed, it is not allowed to recite the Quran as Arabic is a rare language that can change the whole meaning of the sentence if it is not pronounced correctly. Thus, You need to recite the Quran with care as you cannot afford to change the meanings.

  • Tutor Should Preferably Be A Hafiz

If you want to learn the Quran correctly, then hiring a Hafiz is the best option. A Hafiz will teach you like no one else can. Hafiz is a person who has the best knowledge of the holy Quran. The best way to learn the Quran is by heart. Moreover, many parents desire to make their children learn the Quran by heart. 

Hafiz contains the knowledge that very few scholars have. The Hafiz will teach the Quran with the best quality, while you will be able to learn the Quran with quantity. If you hire an online Quran tutor who is a Hafiz then, you will not face many problems in learning the Quran by heart. 

A Hafiz of the Quran has a lot of experience as they have dedicated their lives to learning the Quran and to serving Islam. So It is most preferred to hire a good hafiz tutor, as all of your problems of Quran learning will be erased in an instant.

  • Your Tutor Must Have The Technique To Handle All kinds Of Students

Your Quran Tutor must know all the techniques so that your tutor could deal with all kinds of pupils. Every child has a different type of mindset, and every child behaves with a unique type of mindset. However, Adults may be able to understand and learn more quickly than children. 

Children may not understand easily and it is likely that they would ask more questions and face more problems than adults. Thus, your tutor needs to have patience and needs to deal with the students accordingly. So to be a good tutor, the tutor needs to have the capability to understand their students.

  • The Tutor Needs To Realise The sanctity Of Their Profession

Teaching the Holy Quran is holy work and the tutor needs to be extremely careful. If the tutor makes a mistake in teaching then it can be a great sin. Thus, teaching the Quran is not an easy profession so being careful is the key. The tutor will be held responsible if a single word is pronounced wrong. So the tutor needs to make sure they are teaching with responsibility.

  • Good Qualifications

Before hiring a tutor, you need to make sure that the tutor is qualified. The tutor should be an expert in teaching the Quran. Expert tutors are important as they will know how to deal with the student. Students are different from each other everywhere in the world and a tutor needs to know how to handle them.

  • Corona Virus And Online Quran Learning

Nowadays because of the pandemic coronavirus, many people are unable to go out and meet with scholars. Thus a lot of people are unable to learn the Quran. This is where online teaching comes in. This is a good opportunity for the online tutors to take advantage and to earn money by teaching the Quran. 

An Online Quran Tutor Will Teach You Much Better, and more leads will be available for the tutor, because of the good qualifications. It is a good chance for the people as well as they can learn as much Quran as they can as they are free and stuck in homes.


Online Quran tutors provide you with good Quran learning online. You need to find the most qualified tutors to get a good knowledge of the Holy Quran. You should not worry about the money but you should only worry about the learning of the Quran.

Learning the Quran is the most important thing in a Muslims life. And due to the Online Quran classes it has become a lot easier for you to learn the Quran. Thus, you should definitely try it out.

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