7 Unique Party Venue Ideas: Where to Throw a Special Event

America is party-crazy. In 2019 alone, there were more than two million marriages. Nearly all of those marriages had their own party. 

Whether you are planning a marriage or trying to mark a special occasion, you need to find the right party venue. Yet you don’t want to center your event planning around a property everyone’s been to. 

What are some good options for people who like the ocean? Where should you go if someone likes history? Are there good places to throw formal events? 

Answer these questions and you can find a party venue that will make your event distinct. Here are seven options you can choose from. 

  1. Boats

A boat is the best party venue for people who like the seas. If the person you are celebrating has their own boat, you can take it out for your party. 

But you can rent a boat as well. Some companies offer party boats with plenty of room for eating and dancing. You can hire a DJ, servers, and other professionals to make your party luxurious. 

Summer boat parties tend to work better than winter ones. Yet you can do a winter party if you are near a warm body of water. You can also make one work if you want to sail down a prominent river like the Thames. 

  1. Aquariums

Aquariums are another option for an aquatic party. They may be better than boats because the guests will not risk seasickness. They do not have outdoor options, but you can remain indoors during the cold weather. 

Most aquariums allow guests to visit the exhibitions themselves. Others limit the guests to individual rooms. You should allow guests to tour through the aquarium if you have a lot of children or no live entertainment. 

Aquariums are common venues for birthday parties and company retreats. They are less common for weddings and family events, though you can find institutions for those occasions. 

  1. Museums 

Museums are good venues for educators and public servants. Nearly every museum allows for parties, though small museums may limit the number of guests. 

Most museums have multiple rooms for parties. You should tour the rooms before you decide on a particular venue. Keep in mind that rooms may be booked simultaneously, so you may hear the noise of another party. 

Some institutions cater specifically to children. This is especially the case for science museums. A historic or local museum may have more offerings for adults, particularly for weddings. 

  1. Historical Buildings

Castles and mansions serve as incredible backdrops. A party can happen on a lawn or adjoining garden, and guests can look at the building. 

Some castles do allow you to hold a party inside. But you need to perform extensive party planning and you may need to pay a lot of money. Try to keep most of your event outside. 

Historic homes are more lenient than private properties. You can find a small historic home that creates a great sense of intimacy, or you can select a large building.

You can find mills, factories, and farms. Plan a party that will reflect the aesthetics of the property you are at. It may take some time to find the perfect place. 

  1. National Parks 

You can host a party at nearly every national park. Some parks have facilities like amphitheaters where you can host outdoor parties. You can also find picnic areas and fields. 

A national park is a piece of public property, so outsiders can walk by your event. You will need to close off the area somehow, which you may be able to do with decorations. You can host a public event, especially for a community leader. 

Many people associate a national park with hiking and other outdoor activities. You should theme your event to celebrate the outdoors. You can serve trail mix and other snacks and even lead a day hike through the park. 

  1. Colleges

Colleges are good for formal occasions. Many professional institutions like trade guilds hold their events at a college for a respectable air. Colleges also lend themselves to weddings and commitment ceremonies. 

Most colleges have chapels, especially old and rural schools. Some are non-denominational, but you can find ones for the congregation you attend. 

If you want to get married at your college, you may be able to make arrangements quickly. Talk to the department of alumni affairs or a secretary in the administration building. 

  1. Airbnbs

Most people use Airbnb to find a place to stay while they are on vacation. But you can use Airbnb to find party venue ideas. 

Look at their “Unique Stays” properties. You can find castles, rural homes, and other properties for an event. Smaller events tend to have more options than large events like weddings. 

“Unique Stays” provide good options if you want an international event. You can stay at or rent a property for a few hundred dollars each night. This can help you save thousands of dollars, especially compared to the price of renting a historical building in America. 

Where to Go For a Memorable Party Venue

You have strong options for a distinct party venue. A boat lets you take in incredible river views while receiving luxurious amenities. An aquarium allows you to find exotic fish. 

Museums are great places for intellectuals. Historical buildings provide beautiful aesthetics, even if you can’t go into them. National parks show off the outdoors while staying classy. 

You can get married at your college. If you want to get truly unique, you can find a “Unique Stay” on Airbnb. 

Finding the right venue is the first step toward the perfect party. Figure out the others by following our coverage.

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