AIS Healthcare: Innovating Care for Chronic Pain Patients

For the nearly 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, finding relief can be a constant struggle. AIS Healthcare aims to change that through pioneering new services tailored to each patient’s needs. From safe alternatives to oral opioids to in-home care from specialized nurses, AIS Healthcare is transforming care for chronic pain patients.

Rather than oral medication, AIS Healthcare provides pain relief through targeted drug delivery. This involves surgically implanted pumps that deliver customized doses directly to the nervous system, bypassing side effects and risks of oral opioid use. As AIS Healthcare CEO Simon Castellanos states, “We strive to meet the highest standards of safety and quality in our medications and services so that we meaningfully improve the lives of our patients.”

The company’s commitment to quality is clear. AIS Healthcare’s specialty pharmacies are accredited by URAC, undergoing rigorous review to ensure excellent care. They’re also ACHC accredited, giving patients further confidence. Through proprietary processes, AIS pharmacies exceed sterility standards for compounded medications.

Highly trained AIS Healthcare nurses bring care directly to patients, whether at home or in clinics. With certifications in infusion therapy, pain management, and targeted drug delivery, these nurses help patients understand and manage treatments. Nurses and pharmacists provide 24/7 consultations and support.

Currently, AIS fills over 140,000 prescriptions annually for more than 34,000 patients nationwide. As Castellanos emphasizes, “Our patients are at the center of everything we do.” With services like in-home pump refills and maintenance, AIS Healthcare is improving lives every day.

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