Are Women-Specific Health Insurance Covers a Good Idea

Are Women-Specific Health Insurance Covers a Good Idea

India is the place where buying medical insurance plans for women is not a priority. Even now, women are dependent on their male partners or relatives to purchase a health insurance plan. The majority of women buy the medical insurance policy only if they are earning well. In some cases, insurance is purchased by the family members under the family health insurance plan.

Women-centric medical insurance plans are hardly available in India. Many companies tried to create women-specific medical insurance plans, but they have not received the benefits from such plans. As a result, in India, women are exposed to various illnesses, but they are less covered by insurance plans.

Women are empowered now, and they are working effortlessly in homes and offices. Nowadays, females are aware of severe and critical illnesses. Therefore, they are ready to spend for getting good medical insurance for themselves. As a woman, you need to know about the insurance plans that provide you coverage for women-specific diseases.

Why are female medical insurance plans important?

Women need specific coverage from female-specific diseases, and they have the requirement of health insurance which gives them such flexibility-

  • Check for the plan, which provides coverage for breast cancer, Ovarian cancer, and many other reproductive system-related diseases. Take an insurance plan which gives you complete coverage, so you don’t have to face any financial crunch.
  • Look for a plan which covers the maternity cost as women have to bear the childbirth process. For such cases, maternity-specific coverage plans, be a good choice.
  • Being a female, you can avail the tax benefits of up to 25000 on the premium you pay for the medical insurance. This means a lot of tax savings for women.

Benefits of women medical insurance plans-

Here are the benefits of the women medical insurance plans-

  • You can enjoy the optimal coverage against critical illness
  • You can avail the best healthcare facilities with women’s health insurance plans for medical expenses.
  • In most policies, you may get female-specific illness coverage which might not be possible in other general medical insurance plans like family insurance plans.
  • Get the benefits of a tax rebate after paying the premium of your medical insurance plan

Yes, women-specific health insurance cover is a good idea and should be refined for more precise coverage. These medical insurance plans can be a huge success and must be promoted to give exclusive medical and health benefits to females in India.

So, if you are an independent woman and earning good, you should opt for the best medical insurance for yourself. Take medical insurance covering all female-specific diseases and reduce the burden of medical expenses in any medical emergency.

If you are married, you and your spouse can look for the family health insurance plan, but these plans may not cover all female-centric diseases. So, choose medical insurance wisely.

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