Beginner’s Guide For Horse Racing by Tonybet

You can bet more professionally and give yourself a better chance of winning thanks to the wonderful tools available due to the Internet age. You can get some help here with guides starting with the basics and getting to more advanced topics later. Tonybet horse racing tips are the most reliable and most trusted tips for horse racing.

Prior to handicapping horses, it’s always helpful to at least understand what the odds mean, so take a look at our horse racing odds to learn how much your horse could earn you.

This article will be explaining some useful guides on horse racing and helpful stats for beginners by Tonybet.

Odds for racehorses

Our ideal world would be one in which we regularly find horses available at 20-1 which we firmly believe have a high chance of success. However, the more we back outsiders, the less likely we are to be successful.

Around 85% of all winners come from the first four horses in the betting, such as the favorite to the fourth favorite, so unless you find that pre-overpriced gem you should stick with the favorites.

Position of gate

North American tracks are left-handed and pretty tight, so gate position often dictates whether you are drawn inside or outside of the track when rounding the turns. Running in lane 8 is similar to what an Olympic athlete does; it means that you need to cover more ground as a result.

Always pay attention to statistics related to race distance at each track, since sometimes there is no real gate advantage, while others are crucial. Consider the Tonybet horse racing, where 20 horses are safe from the start, so those coming from out wide have a lot of energy to sacrifice in order to gain good ground in the early going.

Graphs of speed

A horse’s ability can be gauged by how quickly he moves from point A to B. Many websites offer data on speed, but you could start with Bris which gives a very accurate picture.

Speed is viewed in many ways depending on the context of the race, but one logical way is to find a race where only one horse has solid early speed. Therefore, they usually break quickly and gain a ‘soft’ lead, giving them the ability to set the pace and kick on whenever they want, while saving plenty of energy for the stretch.

Betting on horses: Helpful Stats

Aside from being a little bit of fun, wagering on horses is all about taking the right steps to improve your chances of success. Although you may not have true insider knowledge, you can edge ahead of the layperson by taking in the information that is readily available out there on the web.

You should have the following statistics on your side when betting a horse:

  • Horse races are typically won by favorite horses 32% of the time. The same applies everywhere. With over two-thirds of them, betting unsuccessfully on them all will result in a loss. Betting the favorite every time will mean low payouts. However, they have a reason for their popularity, and around 85% of all winners come from the first four positions in the betting market.
  • The top ten jockeys in the rider’s standings will win 90% of all races during a meet. By meeting the best jockeys, you can essentially figure out which horses are the best by looking at who rides them.
  • It can be said that odds are important, but a morning line is just a rough estimate of where oddsmakers think the field will stand at post time. Although it remains a handy guide, this is not considered a truly reliable measure.


Horse racing as a sport is very popular around the world, and betting on horse racing is becoming increasingly widespread in major countries around the world.

In conclusion, following the tips on horse racing above by Tonybet will give you great chances of winning on all your betting on horse racing and other numerous games on Tonybet.


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