Business Signs: 5 Ways They Can Help You to Build Your Brand

Research shows that store signs attract up to 50 percent of all a startup business’s new customers. 

Have you been on the fence about redesigning your business signs? Do you need some more convincing before you invest in new storefront signs?

If so, read on to learn more about 5 ways that well-designed business signage can benefit your company. 

  1. Increased Visibility

A great business sign plays a key role in increasing your business’s visibility. If you want people to know that your company exists and is open to customers or clients, you need a well-designed and well-placed sign in front of your store.

The need for good signage is especially strong if your company is located in a busy area. If people can’t tell immediately who you are and what you sell, they might walk right by. 

  1. Increased Foot Traffic

Speaking of being located in a busy area, a good sign can also help you to get more foot traffic into your store.

In heavily populated locations, it can be hard to get people to come into your store and take a look around when they have so many options to choose from. If you have a sign that catches people’s attention and tells them clearly what you sell, though, you’ll have an easier time getting people in the door.  

  1. Easier Business Differentiation

It’s also easier for people to differentiate your business from others in the area (including possible competitors) if you have a distinctive, eye-catching sign.

Remember, one of the keys to success, especially for small businesses, is being able to stand out from the crowd and show people what makes your company better than the competition. When you take the time to invest in good design and construction, your sign can help you do this. 

  1. Special Event Promotion

Signs for businesses do more than just tell people your store’s name and location. They can also be used to promote special events and encourage people to come in and take a look around.

If you have a big sale coming up or another exciting event (a meet and greet, a class, a book signing, etc.), make sure you invest in some signs that help you get people interested in checking it out.

  1. Better Brand Recognition

Finally, your business’s sign can help to tie your whole branding strategy together.

If your sign matches the logo and color scheme you use on other platforms (website, social media, etc.), it’s easier for people to recognize your brand. As the experts at will tell you, this increases the likelihood that they will want to check out your products and see what you have to offer.

Level Up Your Business Signs Today

When it comes to good business branding, well-designed business signs are a must. If you’re ready to experience all the benefits mentioned above, it’s time to take your signs to the next level.

For more advice on improving your signs or your business’s marketing plan as a whole, check out some of the other marketing-related articles on our blog today.


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