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Can Hiring Security Marketing Services in Illinois Improve Your Lead Generation Significantly?

You have to keep serving fresh and relevant content on a platter to keep your viewers engaged and satisfied. This is where professional blog writing services can be a big help. Blogging is an excellent and effective tool for businesses keen to attract prospective clients and make them paying customers.

Working with companies like Lead Marketing Strategies helps because their blog writing solutions ensure you can become an authority in your industry. Once you start imparting useful information to readers, they will keep coming back to your site for more.

How does blog writing in Illinois boost lead generation?

You can’t just post any content on a site and expect it to generate leads. For that, you need to write on topics that are relevant to the industry. Only such content will pique the interest of target customers. For instance, if your business sells essential oils, you can write blogs on which essential oils are good for pets, which essential oils ease anxiety, how to use essential oils on your skin, etc.

Did you know that sites that focus on blog writing can generate almost 67% more leads than sites that don’t? That’s quite a scary thought if you belong to the second category. Here’s why you need to incorporate blogs into your security marketing plan:

  • Targeting more keywords: Blog posts can bring in more people to your website by targeting keywords. Every new blog is a new indexed page and has the power to get ranked high on Google if you can target specific keywords in it. For instance, if you own a real estate business in Illinois, you only get limited spots to get featured on the first SERP page in Google. All your competitors will be fighting for these spots and probably using the same keywords as you. What does that mean for your business? Your chances of a high rank are quite low, especially if you are a newbie. But if you were to blog twice every month, you would have 24 keywords to get a rank every year! Try and use long-tailed keywords each time, comprising 3-4 words.
  • SEO for your entire site: Blogging boosts your chances of outranking competitors as far as the SEO is concerned. When you sign up with a marketing agency in Illinois, you can ensure that your site has far more indexed pages than sites that don’t blog at all. This indicates to Google that your site is updated regularly and that you provide fresh content for your users. You can now add more internal links and attract backlinks.
  • CTA: Your blogs shouldn’t sound like a sales pitch; rather, they should have CTAs or calls-to-action to generate leads. The idea is to provide useful information to readers and encourage them to take some action, like signing up for newsletters or taking part in a survey.
  • Get email addresses: With quality blogging from a “marketing agency near me,” you can ensure more opportunities for capturing email addresses and generating leads in the process. To avoid users from leaving empty-handed, you can make them follow or like you on social media.
  • Social shares: When people start sharing blogs on social media, your blogs get noticed more. They drive more traffic to your site. When people see a blog on their feed, and it interests them, they tend to clock on it. This directs them to your website.

So, use blogging to generate leads by driving more people to your site, streamlining the sales funnel, and increasing the conversion rate.

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