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Cloth Diapering: A Detailed Guide for New Parents

When you think about the word ‘Diaper’, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the white disposable diaper you use once and throw away. But do you know, a disposable diaper takes more than 500 years to break down and decompose. This means that the first diaper made back in 1942 is still a landfill waiting to decompose. And all the other millions and trillions of disposable diapers that have ever been used are also still somewhere in a landfill polluting our earth. When choosing any products for our baby, we make sure that they are mild, natural and do not harm our baby’s delicate skin. So, when it comes to diapers, disposable diapers that damage their sensitive and delicate skin and the environment do not qualify as “best for your baby.”

But is there an alternative to this? The good news is – YES! This is where Cloth Diapers come to your rescue! 

What Are Cloth Diapers?

As simple as its name, cloth diapers are diapers made out of cloth. This concept is not new to us Indians. Traditionally, our mothers and grandmothers, who never had diapers in their times, have made their kids and kids in the family wear langots for ages. They would cut triangles out of the softest cotton saree of the granny and layer it up to make homemade langots. 

Modern cloth diapers have the same safety, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, with a more convenient to wear twist to it. 

Are Cloth Diapers Hygienic?

 YES! Cloth diapers are made of 100% cotton and, just like any other apparel or garment of your baby, are washable and super hygienic. The elders in the family, environmentalists, even dermatologists and paediatricians recommend cloth on the baby’s bum. 

How Many Cloth Diapers Will You Need?

Sixteen cloth diapers are all you need! SuperBottoms cloth diapers are adjustable and fit from 3-month babies to 3-year-old kids. Moreover, they are made from superior quality material and last up to 300 washes. Considering you use 5 diapers every day and have your laundry day every 3 days, 15 Cloth diapers + 1 spare is enough for your complete diapering journey. 

You can also reduce the number of UNO and mix it with padded underwear for diaper-free time. Still, 16 diapers considering both are enough to last till your baby is completely potty trained! 

Are Cloth Diapers Expensive?

If you compare one cloth diaper against one disposable diaper, yes, per unit cost is high for a cloth diaper. One disposable diaper cost approximately Rs. 10, and one SuperBottoms UNO would cost you Rs. 699. But one good quality cloth diaper such as SuperBottoms UNO lasts up to 300 washes. So, if you consider 300 diaper changes, disposable diapers would cost you 300 X 10 = 3000 Rs, while a cloth diaper would cost you Rs. 699 ONLY! 

Are Cloth Diapers High Maintenance? 

If you are not giving the budget-friendly cloth diapers a try, assuming they are high maintenance and need a lot of time or effort to wash and maintain, here we are to bust that myth! 

Washing cloth diapers using any harsh detergent will reduce their life, thus ensuring that you use a detergent that is safe for cloth diapers and, in general, all baby clothes are a must. Moreover, you do not need to wash the cloth diapers separately; you can throw them in the same laundry load as all your other baby clothes using the zero toxins SuperBottoms Super Laundry Sheets that cost you only Rs. 7 per wash. Just knock the poop off using a jet spray or tissue paper, rinse the cloth diapers and throw them in with other clothes in the machine or wash with your hands. You do not even need to add any antiseptic or fabric softeners. How easy is that!  

What About Rashes & Skin Infections?

The harsh chemicals, plastic and toxins present in a disposable diaper are the main culprit for diaper rashes in babies. If your baby’s bum cannot breathe and get enough air exposure, the humidity and moisture build-up can lead to painful and nasty rashes on the skin. Cloth diapers are breathable and super soft. If the fit is proper, the chances of your baby developing a diaper rash are negligible. You can also give your baby diaper-free time and help them potty train with SuperBottoms Padded Underwear between diaper changes!   

The Bottom Line

Everything that you choose for your baby is the best for them. So then why compromise on the diapers they will wear on the most delicate part of their body for around 3 years? Raising a baby might not be cheap, but with cost-effective, sustainable, earth-friendly cloth diapers, you can save 74% on the diapering cost and make their bum smile, the earth smile, and your wallet smile! 

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