Electronic Courts in UAE

UAE has been moved to the modern and latest technology. This is not just about the newest equipment or devices. It is also about using modern applications, software and servers. Even the cloud bases systems in UAE are also advanced. UAE has also introduced its own servers, clouds and business applications. UAE Courts are also not apart. UAE Courts especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi are using modern techniques where courts are using the digital systems to arrange the hearings, expert sessions and other court sessions. 

The modern technology is introduced after passing a law in UAE. This new order or the decision makes the UAE Court systems electronic and using the modern applications. Now the physical appearances are being reduced. Online formats are enough to attend the necessary court sessions and hearings. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are almost 100% updated this regard. However, other Emirates are also anticipating and it will also be improved like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in next few months or years.

We all know very well that online and digital communication is also hacked or stalked by the hackers. Therefore, the antiviruses and safety programs are also launched by UAE IT department. The E-Court system and the servers are made fully protected and secure. Nobody can interfere or interrupt. Therefore, we can say that communication systems about Courts and Judiciary in UAE, are safe and trusted.   

All the Courts and All Types of Law

Electronic Systems are for all the Courts. It means First Court, Second Court, Third Court, Family Courts, Real Estate Courts, Land Department Courts, Rental Courts and Ruler’s Court which is also called DIWAN. Nothing is left behind. 

Even the other connected and relevant institutions like Al Adheed Centers, MOHRE, and Free Zone Authorities etc, all are well connected with modern technology. 

All the complaints are registered online. User just have to give a call and complaints will be registered. Once the complaints are registered, then mediation sessions have to be setup. The mediation sessions are also arranged online. The mediation sessions, if not successful then sent to courts. The courts sessions are also online. Even the POAs and the legal memorandums are also submitted online. UAE Government has created too much ease now. People should keep in mind that technology is only for support not for the games or non-serious behaviors. Therefore avoid sending, 

Role of Advocates

Though the role of advocates has also been easy but not reduced. If they were supposed to go to Dubai Court or other Emirate Courts physically, then now they can finish all such tasks online by juts using the digital and electronic applications. The work which can only be finished by going over there, still requires the personal visit. However, it has also created a support for the users. Advocates can also serve the clients better than before. Advocates can also perform better than before. Technology is also helping the Advocates and their Law Firms to serve the clients well and in quite advance way.

Digital UAE

Digital UAE or Digital United Arab Emirates was the vision of the government long before even in the beginning of this century. Though the, the technology and gadgets were not like today. But the vision was created, which also shows the foreseen future desire of UAE government. Now in 2022, everything has been implemented and now the UAE government is escalating towards the betterment. 

Now the UAE government has introduced the new plans as Vision 2030 and 2040, where Dubai and all other Emirates will be made a global hub and destination for people in world. For such plans, country has to be connected digitally and UAE government has been successful up to more than 80%. Day by Day advancements are being brought to UAE and UAE is one of those countries where almost all the system is digital and online. IT sector is quite advanced here which is also managing the UAE in very beautiful manner.    


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