Eliminating unhealthy dietary practices

Let’s be honest, most of us struggle with making the right dietary choices. Either we are too lax with consumption of unhealthy foods, or we become too austere, which then naturally causes us to fall off the wagon. 

Hence, to live a healthy life, and have a healthy weight, it is important that we leave bad eating habits. If eating habits are not addressed in entirety, your health will continue to suffer. 

If you do not address your problematic relationship with food, you will continue to have weight problems, no matter how many visits you schedule with your Nutritionist in Karachi

Therefore, it is vital that you assess in all honesty your unhealthy eating habits. While everyone has their own struggle, some common problems that people face include:

The issue with how you eat 

Alongside what you eat, how you eat is also important. If you eat with your television blaring, or your eyes glued to the screen, chances are you are not focusing on your food. It not only encourages overeating, but you are also not experiencing the delicious flavors and different textures of the dish. 

So, make eating a proper ritual. Set the table, put aside the remotes and the phones. Focus on the meal that you are eating. It also allows you to eat with mindfulness, which is a great way to have a healthy relationship with food. 

The snack dilemma 

You may very well eat good meals of the day, but when it comes to snacking, you resort to unhealthy practices. While some people think that the relatively smaller quantity of unhealthy food will not make much of a difference, others cannot help but go for the pack of chips. It is harder still when your pantry and fridge are full of unhealthy dietary choices. 

Thus, make sure you address these sneaky ways in which you eat high calorie and low nutrition food that also jeopardizes your health. If snacks are your weakness, then make sure you have plenty of healthy options like seeds, nuts, vegetables bites to help you make better choices. 

The grazing problem

If you cook food in your home, this problem might be relevant to you; remember how you licked the jam off the spoon, or how you just ate the extra sauce from the pan?

Similarly, you might also eat food during tasting as well, which you do not account for in your daily caloric intake. This way, plenty of extra calories sneak into your diet. 

Thus, make sure that during cooking, you disband all such activities, or at least, consider them when later eating your meal. 

The problem with home delivery 

Thanks to delivery services, you don’t have to bear the inconvenience of going out to eat restaurant food. Now, you can simply order it in. With the entire ordeal of dressing and commuting acting as a deterrent for the consumption of unhealthy foods, many people than chose to cook their own food. 

However, delivery services have allowed people to have frequent unhealthy meals, a habit that you should refrain from. 

The quitting cold turkey

Many people are in the habit of starting off strict and restrictive diets, only to quit in a few days. Naturally, the sudden transition will be hard for you to sustain. When you quit your diet, it is not just your physical health, but your mind also suffers. Your defeatist attitude is affirmed, and you become scared of making another attempt at healthy eating from the fear of failure.

One way to get out of this rut is by making sustainable dietary choices. Don’t quit cold turkey, but gradually wean yourself off unhealthy food. Consult a nutrition expert at Ittefaq Hospital for a diet plan that is easy to follow and healthy. Fad diets are never the answer; the pounds you lose today will just come back tomorrow!

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