Everything You Need To Know About Decra Roofing Tiles

A good house needs to have a good roofing system to enhance its beauty and this can be achieved by employing the decra technology. The stone-coated steel roof is friendly to the environment and is long-lasting, and this is the reason why most people would prefer though it is expensive.

Decra tiles are made of steel coated with silicon, aluminum, and zinc. They also have panels that are interlocked to prevent fire and hail. Its design can withstand 120mph of winds and 2.5 inches of wind because steel is impact resistant. Its thickness reduces the cost of repair, unlike other traditional roofing. The following is an image of decra roofing tiles in different colors.

It has several features and benefits ranging from;

Easy and fast installation

This kind of best soundproof underlay is easy to install and it takes a small amount of time to fix. This means you do not have to take a lot of time before you can finish construction and start using your house.

High performance

The decra tiles are thoroughly inspected before being sold to ensure that quality is maintained and clients get exactly what they want. They are tested in laboratories to guarantee high performance.


Decra gives its clients a warranty of 50 years which make the customers confident about consuming the product, hence, more people are acquiring the technology.

Quality and durability

Decra roofing tiles suppliers in Kenya produce the best quality that is consumer-friendly and last long.


Overlapped decra tile is secured to the tiles above and below and the rafter makes it secure against strong winds and possible intruders.


These tiles are very useful in places of high temperatures as they are tested up to 760 degrees Celcius meaning the house will not be affected by too much heat in case of a fire.


The decra tiles are very light and therefore save cost on transport, roof structure, and foundations.

Enhanced comfort

The decra tiles give a sense of comfort especially when it is raining, one does not have to worry about noise. It is also heat resistant hence maintaining the right temperature and giving you comfort in the house.

Enhanced beauty

The stone-coated tiles go well with brick and stone houses and therefore add a lot of beauty to the house. It is mostly suitable when building resorts or holiday homes to attract customers


The decra roofing tiles system is quite affordable and offers the best performance to complement the value of your money. Investing in this technology saves you the cost of maintenance.

Environmental Friendly

The fact that the decra tiles are made naturally from natural stones means that there are more benefits to the environment compared to the traditional corrugated iron sheets. This shows that the economy may prefer to adopt this kind of technology in the coming generations.


These roofing tiles has a design that allows ventilation, especially in the attic which prevents overheating during sunny days and building up ice dams during cold seasons.

In conclusion, decra roofing provides the best roofing system has it has more benefits than disadvantages and is quite affordable. It provides the comfort and beauty every home needs.

As you explore the benefits and features of Decra roofing tiles, it’s essential to work with a knowledgeable provider who can guide your decision-making process. The Roof Repair Specialist¬†offers invaluable expertise and high-quality services, ensuring that you make the right investment for your home’s roofing needs. By collaborating with a trusted professional, you can enhance the longevity and performance of your roof without feeling overwhelmed by promotional content.

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