Factors to consider when buying a solar heater System

Solar heaters are devices that heats water or supply warmth to a room this making the room comfortable. Solar heater is heating water by using a solar thermal generator.

This article entails the components of solar heater,it’s application and the how it works.

Latest Trend in Solar Heating Appliances

With the current generation where everythingrequires technology,we look at the most accurate and better device to use. Therefore, we use at least the latest device available in the market. One of the most known is Solar water heating.  Solar heater technology has proven to be cost efficient for house work and industrial applications.

Types of solar water heating

Thermo siphon systems- These systems pump water from storage

Air systems-collectors warm the air which is moved by air cooler through water heat exchanger and then the water is used at home.

Direct-circulation systems- Water is pumped from storage to collectors when it’s sunny.

Drain-Down systems- safe and unsafe water is moved in a loop and heat is moved to drinkable water via heat exchanger.

Indirect water heating systems-cool water is spread about through a shut loop and heat is moved drinkable water using heat exchanger. The fluid becomes safe for use at home.

  1. Types and functionality- there are two types of solar types of solar collectors that is the Flat plate collectors which is made of metals but they are always bulky and expensive, the second one Is the Evacuated Tube collector
  2. Number of users available-this varies according to the number of people in the house, in large families the usage increases
  3. Source of water and pressure of water-the source of the water dictate the pressure. In Kenya there are pressurized and non pressurized
  4. Installation -you need to have a professional installation for one not to experience breakdown easily. The best way to install it is by mounting it on the roof top then installing the storage tank and piping and filling the tanks.
  5. Good company and solar service life- get a good company which sells genuine products.


One need to choose the model below it’s the best one in Kenya

Materials used in making the solar heater

The space between the inner and the outer tanks is always filled with insulation to prevent heat loses. The inner tank is made of stainless steel for it to be durable. The outer tank is made of stainless steel sheet, painted steel sheet. It requires a black flat plate collector panel made of a steel absorber covered with two sheet of glass and insulator pad.


There are various shapes depending on the type chosen by the user. They include; unglazed, glazed flat plate, selective coat and evacuated tube.


This is one of the major factorsone considers before purchasing an item. You need to purchase an item based on the amount you have, the one you are able to afford. Generally, the prices range from 50,000 to 150000 Kenya shillings depending on the capacity and heating value.


This article can be used for reference when one wants to purchase solar water heating appliance to use at home or in the industry. It contains all the required information needed to be followed.

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