Fun Games You Can Play With Your Partner

While we all have to attend to our daily chores, sparing a little time with your loved one should neve be difficult. After a gruesome day at work, sending emails and picking up calls from different people, the least you would expect is a calm environment back at home. 

And it wouldn’t get better than spending some quality time with your partner, away from the inconveniencing pets and noisy kids. Many people don’t appreciate the importance of spending time together. 

Why is it important to spend time together?

There is no doubt you learn something about your partner each day. It should be that way. 

However, we also believe there’s more you can learn when you become a bit more creative. A dull routine can kill anything, especially the feelings for your loved ones. Waking up to good morning texts everyday can become boring, and monotonous. 

When you realize you are overdoing something, there is a need to find a better way to do it, or leave it completely. As a couple, you need new and exciting fun moments to spice up your love life. 

The fun moments shouldn’t be too complicated. Instead, let them be easy to play and a great way to reignite your love life. 

Which fun games can you play together?

Here are four games you should definitely try out to bring some spark into your relationship life. 

  • Life

Here, you get a chance to find out from one another how your lives are turning out. The game of life is a board game that is fun to play during the night. The board game characters find a way to advance through the game, while you grab the opportunity to know yourselves better. 

  • Twister

I know it sounds childish to talk about this, but twister is actually a fun game to play with your partner. Unlike your childhood when you used to take twisters so seriously, just be easy and let it be a fun moment. 

Think of any twister you know, try them out with your partner and have lots of laughs at the end of it. More importantly, revel in the fact that you can still  make fools in frot of one another and still have quality time. 

  • Romantic scrabble

Most of us may all have played scrabble at least once in their lifetime. However, very few of us have done it in a romantic way. 

Make scrabble more fun by coming up with rules which will require you to use a word and make a romantic sentence. If you don’t know how to go about it, choose the category like Kiss scrabble or Strip scrabble which are not only easy, but also fun for both of you. 

  • One word, one answer

Any of you says one word, and the other person mentions the first word that comes to their mind when they hear it. To make it fun and more romantic, mention words that relate to your love life. In the end, you get to enjoy a good time together, and reminisce about the old days. 


There are many games. You will only enjoy them if you become more creative, and add romantic touch to each of them. Otherwise, you could still try out the political browser game, and find out who calls the shots

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