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Hair: A few ways to choose your shampoo

Washing is an important step in the beauty and health of hair. The point on the shampoo, the product should be chosen carefully, and not only with its pleasant aroma …


New generation shampoos mainly remove sulphates, those of the chemical cleaning chemicals. Some use mild sulfate agents. So we choose a shampoo with non-harsh surfactants, preventing sodium laureate sulphate or sodium sulphate, which is the most aggressive in this family. “Forms are evolving, explains Denise. Sulfates have been replaced by thin ones, made from coconut. They have a good cleansing power without irritation, are suitable for all healthy skin, including colored or straight hair. Some products are also made of micelles. Handling dirt and sebum. And wash gently.

  1. Wash your hair every day

As long as you choose a mild shampoo, there are no barriers. Mentioning cleaning products is very respectful of the scalp. Experts add that a tool is perfect and the product is small. If your scalp is greasy, brush on with another shampoo for a longer tone. Or, in the natural version, opt for a neutral shampoo (a very soft base) to which you add a few drops of tea tree oil (melaleuca). Monitoring starts at the bend of the elbow to see if nothing is being done.

  1. Decrease my health

Experts explain that choosing a shampoo based on your height is not a good idea because it won’t affect them. Unless, if you don’t have a headache in this case, go for a specific shampoo length. However, there is no need to mix them like washing them! This can damage the hairs and loosen their scales. The lather flows along the locks enough to wash them. The attention they need. So it’s important to use lg airwasher kf94 a good air washer , especially if you have long hair. This product restores moisture,

  1. Healing And Treating My Skin

The first function of the shampoo is to wash the scalp! It seems obvious, but, as the expert says, you should choose it based on the condition of the scalp, and not the hair!  We, for example, will do a sebum-fixing or refreshing shampoo (in the event of irritation) once or twice a week, replacing it with a mild shampoo, adds an expert. Of hair, at the time of cutting or coloring, to give us information about the condition of our scalp.

  1. Basic Creatures

Whether natural, based on herbal teas (shea, aloe, nettle, etc.) Or labeled organic, these shampoos are suitable for everyone. They wash thoroughly with natural plant-based surfactants like Coco Betaine and SLSA as soft and gentle. By choosing this type of shampoo, you are sure to have a product that respects both the scalp and the hair, and will not wear down with the occlusive membrane. But experts explain that, for example, organic shampoos aren’t all herbal because their color produces little chemical reaction. Therefore, to understand the ingredients in a shampoo, you should read the instructions carefully. .These products leave hair clean and soft, usually shiny, but also slightly crunchy and dry. A natural conditioner (or conditioner) applied immediately after will also have the function of restoring softness.

  1. Destroy food that makes a lot of food

If it lathers, it attacks the scalp, expert choice and dermatologists. Really soft shampoos should blow harder: This low-energy blast shows off a tiny amount of surfactant. Bubble bust! , from addition. Plus, less lather means less shampoo and less water to remove. This also allows for better tolerance. Product, add the manufacturer. In addition, the expert concluded that the “biodegradable formula” claim on the bottle would definitely add to the value of the choice.

  1. Don’t remove my height

Choose a silicone-free shampoo. These widely used paul and joe molecules smooth and coat hair fibers. These can be rebellious, hard or difficult to frizz hair. But over time, since they’re not even completely removed, silicones can eventually soften the hair and dry it out. Experts explain that the only feature that protects hair from moisture and therefore frizz, these silicones remove better than ever before.

Consider your age and needs for beauty and skin care

The environment, pollution and the sun are all factors that have a real impact on the quality of the skin. Age is a factor that also determines the choice of the best cosmetic product. Before the age of 35, the skin is young and rich in collagen. It renews itself quickly and this youth must be preserved with good stimulation of the skin. 

Adopt daily moisturizing care;

Prevent fine lines, dark circles and puffiness with a good contour treatment;

Favor cosmetic products rich in vitamin C;

From the age of 35, cell renewal gradually decreases. It will be necessary to use anna sui branded products of anti-aging creams concentrated in nutritive active ingredients. Your skincare routine will consist of:

  • Continue regular hydration with creams designed with hyaluronic acid;
  • Use vitamin C and retinol to improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles;
  • Get a night cream 

Between the ages of 45 and 50, the skin is mature and produces less sebum. This involves slow cell turnover. In this age group, the skin slackens, it becomes less toned and dries out. He then needs stimulating and restorative anti-aging treatments. 

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