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How to Boost Your SMB in Social Media

Starting a business is a huge challenge for both new and experienced entrepreneurs. However, maintaining a business may even be harder. Once a business reaches that point of stagnation, one may find themself in quite a situation. Having this in mind, let us take a look at some of the aces you might be able to put up your sleeve once you find yourself in such a pickle.

Know your audience

You might think you already know your customers, however, when your business starts to vegetate, you need to start from the beginning and pull out all the stops. Analyze your customers and your services. Identify the majority of your target audience and start thinking how you can make the experience better for them. In order to make progress, you need to narrow down the niche where you would like to improve first. This should be the place to start. Once you discover which group should be your main focus, you will need to do a deeper investigation on what they like and how they use their social media. This will enable you to get closer to your focus group and cater better to its needs. 

Rebrand if necesary

It is now clear that in order to make sure you are setting the right tone for your social media presence, it is vital to know your target audience. Once you do, you may reach the conclusion that your brand is completely unsuitable for your audience. If this really is the case, there is no room for despair. This would, in fact, be good news as it would mean you managed to identify the problem, which can be quite challenging. After that, it would be urgent to work on reinventing your brand. Strip down everything you had online. All social media accounts and websites should be changed thoroughly as soon as possible. Of course, this requires a whole team of experts to create an inspirational story about how and why you decided to rebrand. It is a huge effort that is bound to give amazing results.

Quality over quantity

Regardless of popular belief, when it comes to posting on social media, quality over quantity still counts. Surely, there are rules when it comes to the timing and frequency of posting for different social networks. However, it is better to skip a turn than to start annoying your followers. This is why the quality of your posts should be your main concern. If you do have something to say, that’s great. Do so in the most noticeable way possible. On the other hand, being annoying, boring or pointless only causes frustration among followers making it much more likely for them to stop following you. 

Use the potential of social networks 

Regardless of how good your social media game may be, there is always room for improvement. Depending on your level of social network utilization, you could probably take on a more thorough approach to the whole concept. Use analytics to keep getting to know your audience deeper, make long term plans and strategies and use post scheduling. You can’t allow yourself to lack material for your next scheduled post. This is why planning ahead is so important. It will help you be consistent and customers will respond to this by having faith in your business. 

Customer reviews matter

Reviews are everywhere and everything nowadays. You cannot do practically anything new without consulting your good friend Google and its users’ reviews. This is sometimes great and can save you from some unpleasant situations, however, it can also harm you as a business owner whose customers rely heavily on the reviews. If you haven’t been paying attention to these earlier, now is the time to do it. Leave all your sulkiness behind and read all the reviews in the most objective way possible. Acknowledge the pros and the cons and start thinking of a strategy to become better. Apologize to your reviewers for any ordeal they might have faced dealing with your business and offer them something nice as retribution. It could be a discount or a small gift. 

Show instead of telling

Generally, too much text can be off-putting to users. This is why images that illustrate the point of social media posts are always desirable elements. However, adding videos can save you both text and images. It is said that videos are much more engaging than text. Moreover, users are about 60% more inclined to notice videos than text and they are more likely to share those videos to friends. Thus, if you would like a wider reach for your customers, outsource video making to a team for your social media accounts. It will make users go crazy about your business.

Personalize customer experience

Social networks are powerful tools. You can use their analytics to place your customers in special loyalty groups and create special offers just for them. You will have all sorts of data at your service, use it to reach out to your customers and seal that deal for good. Every user that likes to use your services will choose to be loyal when you make them feel special. Everyone likes to be appreciated. 

Be different 

All the aforementioned advice will only get you so far. The truth is that each business needs to have a spark of originality that breathes life into it. All strategies in the world will be futile without that and the trick is that it cannot be forced. If you don’t have it yet, you can’t forcefully invent it. It just needs to happen. However, if you try hard and work on getting inspired and being positive about your business, it will come to you naturally. You can learn more about social media monetization here

All in all, one of the most important traits of a good entrepreneur is persistence. If you are always willing to explore new ways of doing business, have new ideas and simply do not take no for an answer, you are just the right type to survive in this cut-throat industry. 

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.

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