How to Choose the Right Business Name

It is not impossible to change your company name once you’ve already started using it. However, changing midstream can cause confusion for clients and be costly for you. It is better to choose the right name from the beginning.

Here are some tips to follow:

Be careful about puns

Some business names are funny and make you giggle when you hear them. They can be highly memorable and effective. There is a fine line, however. It is not clear if you or your clients will find it funny or clever in two, five, or twenty years. So before you pick a clever meme or pun to name your business after, think about the future.

Rethink naming your business after yourself

You should be careful when naming your business after yourself. Do your research to see if there are others who might have your name.

People name their businesses after themselves all the time. But what does it actually mean for your client? Consider Bonnie’s Bakery and Carl’s Car Shop. They aren’t imaginative or memorable names.

However, there is an exception to this rule. Your name may be effective if it lends itself to wordplay. For example, Steve Good consultancy business could be called Good’s Advice.

Create a name that has impact

Your business name should make an immediate impression. It should be memorable. We are bombarded with advertisements trying to grab our attention everywhere we go. Every day we are hit with thousands of online, radio and tv advertisements.

You must have a winning name to make your brand stand out from the crowd. It should be something people can remember for five minutes after they talk to you. If you do it well, people may pass it on to others and give you free word of mouth.

Do not choose a long business name

A long business name is hard to remember. It can also be difficult to translate it into a domain. Imagine the name on a business card, or in an advertisement.

People smile with an “Ah!” when they see the best business name ideas. While the best name for a company doesn’t necessarily have to be very clever, it should be simple.

Do not rush the naming process

You might be tempted to quickly select business names for your company so that you can get on with creating your business. You can’t get your marketing materials or a website domain name without a business name. However, people who rush the process may end up with a poor name.

It is a smart idea to create a list of possible business names and get feedback from others. There may be a combination of business name ideas that makes the perfect name. You’d be surprised at the brilliant ideas that people will share with you if they are asked for their opinion.

Consider trademarks

Some companies do not require trademark protection. If you think you need one, talk with an attorney specializing in trademarks. You can find out more information about trademarks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

You must apply for a trademark if you decide to use it. Remember you might not get it.

You should not settle on business names that have been trademarked. Online searches can be used to find marketing business name ideas.

It’s important to remember that getting a Doing Business As (DBA) does not grant you exclusive access to that name. Rather, it allows you to conduct business under a fictional name and allows you open a bank account.

Say it out loud

It is important to say your prospective business names out loud. Maybe it sounds funny or even embarrassing when vocalized? You don’t want to find out that you made a mistake after you have handed out thousands of promotional items and put up a store sign.

Spend some time reviewing your business name ideas. Write them down a few times, then say them.

Choose a name that works as a URL

A website is essential for any business to be successful. A good domain name is essential if you plan to use internet marketing to reach new customers. You can also choose more than one domain name and point them to the same page.

Do a domain search if you are looking for business names. It would be a smart idea to modify it slightly and secure a domain name that is unique.

There are many opinions on whether or not you should apply solely for a dot-com extension. Some believe it is essential, since most people will type “.com” but not “.net” or “.biz.” It is possible for your name to get lost in all the noise. Your customers will not find you if they don’t remember your name or forget your extension.

Experts in marketing business names suggestions say that it doesn’t really matter. People are becoming more comfortable with alternative extensions to their business names.

We hope you found this article helpful in naming your business. Good luck!


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