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How to Make E-Learning More Interesting?

In the present time, when online classes are a significant part of learning. For the teachers, it’s sometimes difficult for them to approach in exciting ways and engage their student’s attention and interest in the subject. let us discuss some of how teachers can make the ideal classroom.

Ways to Make Virtual Classroom Interesting 

Be ready for your online classes before – discussing which topic you will teach.Since students are in their homes during online courses, it’s more likely that they cannot focus on such. So you make sure that students always attend classes in perfect environment .

Far from all electronic devices including tv, computer, lappy except the gadget in which they are attending the course. And take classroom in their respective study room and teach them to keep some of the things around including books, pens, water snacks .try to control the meeting. Don’t take direct classes from the new app. Try to take pre- sessions so that you can deliver the course and ensure to operate the app conveniently.

Set a code of conduct for your class – See, in the online classroom, it’s more likely for students to leave the class in between and use other social media apps like Instagram or Whatsapp. So try to control them. Instruct them to switch on their mic and video along with the guidelines to follow during the class, including the chats section and other things. Keep sometimes after the lecture to solve their doubts. So that during the lecture, you don’t get disrupted.

Structure engaging sessions for the virtual classroom – whenever you start the actual learning session, try to keep a limited duration of about 25-30 minutes, then try to provide a break of 5 minutes. You can show them short videos of the topic or clips or talk to them. The videos or the clips make it crippling and exciting for the students.

Keep interactive sessions with students – try to instruct students about the particular topic And discuss it. Try to keep at least 1 class for discussion. Encourage every student to speak at least once per session, building their confidence and making the virtual class more interesting. Try to make the class more engaging. 

Just don’t confine the door for the syllabus but try to include such as critical thinking, communication, and civil discussion. Maybe students don’t feel comfortable speaking up in the classroom. So you can chat with them about the inputs and conducting the class or their doubts and make the online class more engaging.

Try to keep a check on their progress – 

  • you can give some essential tips to students.
  • Teach them revision methods.
  • Give shortcuts or make maps and flashcards
  • Have proper eyes on their progress report and analyze it carefully.

Interesting Projects for them– you can make your class and work intestine by adopting some of the tips, including the following – 

  • Instead of boring homework, try to give them research work.
  • And even the concept they have developed and their thinking abilities to deepen their subject knowledge.
  • Try to involve them in making the session enjoyable for students by adding the topics and creating a repository of their collections.

Final Words

 Although due to the emerging pandemic, the online class has become the basis of learning. The rise in work from home and e-learning platforms with the help of LMS or Learning management system portals makes the work more accessible and convenient for all.

Various apps and platforms are free and easy to access and specially designed for teachers, tutors, and coaches to make them learn and operate the system more effectively and fruitfully.

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