How To Memorize The Quran Promptly

Each and every Muslim in this world wants to learn the Quran. For Muslims, learning the Holy Quran is a blessing. However, we should always try to achieve one step ahead, and the next step of learning the Quran is memorizing the Holy book. The being who Memorizes the Holy Quran is given the name of Hifz. For a Muslim it is an honor, when one is given the name of Hafiz. However, the memorization of the Holy Quran is not a game for children. You have to work extremely hard to become a Hafiz.  

If we look at the Holy Quran, there are a lot of different verses of the book. Each verse has its own meaning while each word has a different pronunciation. Memorizing the Holy Quran requires a lot of dedication. Moreover, a person should have a really strong memory to memorize the Holy Quran with heart. Although memorizing the Holy Book is extremely difficult, there are different ways to make this task a bit easy.

  • Start Your Practice Early in the Morning

When you have to memorize something, waking up early in the morning is the key. As when you wake up early in the morning your mind will be fresh, so you will be able to memorize the Quran more quickly. So the first step to the journey of the memorization of the Holy Quran is to wake up early in the morning. If you think that waking early in the morning is not appropriate, let me clear your mind. If you give a look at the different educational institutes, you will see that each and every institute starts the day early in the morning.

 Why is that? The reason for this is that each and every institute knows that when the students start their day early, they will be able to learn and grasp things more quickly. As our mind is fresh at that time. So your goal should be to wake up early in the morning and to memorize a small part of the Holy Quran. You can start with 1 or 2 verses and can increase your pace with time. If you feel that you are not able to do this by yourself, try to get some help. You can get help from an online Quran tutor. An online Quran tutor will help you a lot and you will be able to memorize Quran Online within no time.

  • Focus on The Quality Of Your Learning

When you want to memorize the Holy Quran, quality is the most important thing that matters. Many people cannot wait to get through, they always stay in a hurry and this haste of completing the task quickly can ruin their goal. But the Quran memorization is one thing that requires a really long time to complete. As many Hafiz spend years of their lives memorizing the Holy Quran, it will take more time than that if you do not focus on quality and if you just focus on quantity. 

As when you focus on quantity and set a massive target for yourself, you will get under pressure and you will not be able to complete the target. But if you focus on quality, even if you are learning less than before, you will be able to memorize the Quran a lot better. So your main objective should be to memorize the Quran with quality and you should stay calm. 

If you want to memorize the Holy Quran with quality, there is someone who may be able to help you. Hiring an online Quran tutor is the best step you can take. As an online Quran tutor will only teach you as much as you can handle. This way you will be able to learn with quality and you would stay comfortable and easy.

  • Avoid Distractions

Whenever you are learning something, you will face different problems. One common problem is a distraction. Distractions can be tough as you will not be able to focus on your tasks and would waste your time doing useless things. We live in the 21st century. Throughout the past several decades the world has modernized a lot. 

Different gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops have been invented. These gadgets are the main cause of distractions. 9 out of 10 children have mobile phones. These kids do not have the need nor the interest to learn or memorize something. They only want to stay busy playing video games or they only want to do group calls with their friends. 

This kind of behavior cannot help you in memorizing the Holy Quran. As when you want to memorize the Holy Quran, you must have a clear and empty mind. If your mind is busy with other problems, how will you concentrate? So, many Hafiz-e-Quran prefer to take the classes in a distraction-free environment. You would be thinking that your room would be the best place. 

However, it is not. We all have personal lives, we all keep our private things in our rooms. This means that we must have kept our gadgets in our bedrooms as well. Thus, going in your room is not a good place for you. However, there are other places to go. Such as your loan.As you will be able to learn and memorize the Holy Quran in a natural and a distraction-free environment.

  • Keep Revising Your Previous Work

In every subject, whether you are memorizing history or you are memorizing the Holy Quran, you must keep track of the work you have previously completed. As when you keep on going further, there is a chance that you might forget the previous work you have memorized. This can create problems for you. As you will be continuously learning the latest verses but you will be misremembering what you have memorized before. This is why you must keep track of your previous work so that you do not forget the previous work.

  • Sample Checking

Sample checking is very essential when it appears to memorize the Holy Quran. What you can do is that you can take any moment and can practice 1 or 2 verses you have recently memorized. This will help you a lot as it will keep all the verses in your head. So what you should do is that you should try to read all those verses without seeing them. If you read them by looking at them, there is no point in memorizing them. 

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