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How to Plan a Funeral for a Loved One

If you need to plan a loved one’s funeral, it’s best to create a checklist of what you need to do. It’s helpful to have this type of checklist just as a form of insurance. That way, you can go through the steps, checking them off as you go along.

Choose the Type of Service

Before you choose a casket or urn, arrange for music and flowers, or select a minister or officiant, you need to determine the service type. Funeral services may include a traditional religious service, a military service, or represent a celebration of the decedent’s life.

Select a Funeral Casket

After you determine the type of service you’re holding, you can select a funeral casket. Caskets come in various materials, with the most popular materials being metal or wood. You can also find caskets made of particle board and cloth or eco-friendly materials, such as willow or bamboo.

To get a better idea visually about the types of caskets offered, take a look at a website, such as an e-retail platform like Titan Casket. Once you’ve chosen a theme and casket, you’re ready to select a location for the service.

Select a Location and an Officiant or Pastor

While most funerals are held in a funeral home or church, you can also have the service in a special place for your loved one during their lifetime. Next, you’ll need to schedule the pastor or officiant for the service.

You’ll also need to select the attire and accessories the deceased wears and discuss cosmetology/hairdressing services with the funeral home’s director.

Choose an Urn if You’re Scheduling a Cremation

If your loved one wants to be cremated, you’ll need to choose an urn for the ashes and a place to hold or display the urn. T

Select the Casket for the Cremation

The casket you choose for cremation is also called a cremation container. It often is made of softwood, like pine. The coffin, which is used for the funeral service, is cremated with the body afterward.

Arrange for the Burial Plot or Interment Space

If the decedent is being buried, you’ll need to locate the deed for the burial plot. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase a property or an interment space if the body is cremated.

Other Important Tasks

Other steps you need to take include buying a headstone from a Cincinnati headstone and monument company, if required

In addition, you’ll need to choose the pallbearers and the music and arrange the floral displays or any donations going to charity. The hearse or transportation must be placed, and a vehicle for attendees who arrive from out of town.

Divide the Tasks with Others

While the above information gives you basic details about what to do, it’s not comprehensive. However, it does give you an outline to follow. To make things easier on yourself, divide the responsibilities among or between yourself and one or two other people. Doing so will help you stay focused on what you need to do while giving you the emotional support needed to arrange things successfully.

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