How to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya

Kenya is one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa. Many foreigners in the form of investors are gaining interest in this country. In addition, so many people are sourcing for greener pastures in Kenya, including those from Nigeria. But often the challenge is how to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya. Because for most of these people, a way to send money down to Kenya is important for their personal affairs. Luckily, there are so many ways that one can use to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya. We are going to look at all of the possible ways you can make this transfer.

Do you have a clue as to how much you’ll spend typically when making a transfer from Nigeria to Kenya? It will mostly depend on the current exchange rate, and equally the kind of tool that you use to transfer funds. Often those who make transfers from Nigeria to Kenya have freelancers or businesses in this country. Others just want to support their loved ones by either settling in Kenya, or learning here.

Basically, you have two main options when you want to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya. You can either use a money transfer app or a bank transfer. Often the latter is expensive due to hidden charges that banks impose. A money transfer app is then the best way to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya. But which money transfer app should you exactly use? Here are some of the money transfer apps that you can consider when making such a transfer:


Formerly known as TransferWise, this is an effective tool that you can use to send funds down to the East African country of Kenya. The advantage of Wise is that it is extremely low cost. You won’t have to spend much on the money transfer. It is also a rather convenient way to make a transfer from Nigeria to Kenya.

Wise employs maximum security features to ensure that your funds are always safe on their platform. They are also quite fast. Therefore, you can expect most transfers to hit the recipient’s account within just a few minutes. In case of delays, transactions can hit the recipient’s account in about a day or so. They have a responsive customer service team. Hence, you can forward any claims that need their attention for quick assistance.

Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya Using Afriex

Afriex is a Nigerian-born alternative to using banks for money transfers. Since it originates in Africa, you can argue that it has the best interests of the African continent. You can easily use Afriex to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya. It is a safe, effective, and cheaper way to transfer funds.

In terms of safety, Afriex uses master security features to ensure that the funds belonging to their clients are safe at all times. Even just through the registration process, they ensure that cybercriminals don’t infiltrate the system.

When it comes to the speed of delivering funds, Afriex also doesn’t waste clientele time. Typically, money transfers are instantaneous. However, you can give a 24-hour room for delay in case you’re sending money using this platform. You can also talk to their customer service representatives for a more detailed explanation if the funds delay too much.

The final advantage that Afriex has over other money transfer platforms is the fact that you can purchase and send cryptocurrencies easily. So, if you’re planning to transfer cryptocurrency to your business associates in Kenya, you can do so quite easily using this tool.


Payoneer is an effective and convenient tool for sending and receiving money. You can use this international money transfer app to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya. Their security features are top-notch and comply with industry standards. Therefore, at any given time you’re making a transfer through Payoneer, you can count on their security.

When you send a recipient money through Payoneer, they have the option of getting their money on a debit card or withdrawing from a nearby ATM through the Payoneer card. Alternatively, you can make a direct transfer to the receiver’s bank account. If the recipient receives more than $100 through this method, they get a $50 bonus. How amazing?


WorldRemit, just like every other app on this list, started out to help bridge the deficit in money transfers. They wanted to create a cheaper and faster channel for sending funds. And it worked just right. Today, millions are using WorldRemit globally. And you can also use it to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya.

Money transfers through WorldRemit are speedy and quite affordable. This is what attracts so many people to use this app. In most cases, the recipient receives the funds within minutes.

Final Thoughts

We’re now confident that you have the most appropriate ways to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya. So, get on with the money transfers. 

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