Medicine Boxes are Made Eco-Friendly and Air-Packed to Avoid any Contamination

Medicine boxes are unbeaten when it comes to prolonging the shelf life of different medicinal products. You can have a custom size to a snug fit the medicines in a proper way. They can be carefully engineered to have compartments inside that keep the effects of inside collisions and knocking at bay. They are available in various shapes and can be made into several aesthetic settings. The add-on choices like window cut designing, gold foiling, and silver foiling can be used depending upon the specific requirements. Different details concerning the ingredients and healing potency of medicinal products can be embossed and debossed on them. Businesses can specifically design these packages for branding to establish their unique identity in the marketplace. The visual design elements like printed logos, graphics, and illustrations can be made more prominent with the finishing options of gloss UV and aqueous coating.

Contamination of drugs is a big concern of all medicine manufacturers. It happens when the undesired impurities get attached to the medical products. These impurities cause the products to lose their healing strength and become useless. Medicine boxes are great to remove the dangerous effects of all sorts of impurities. They are made airtight and eco-friendly to prevent biological, physical, and chemical contagions to medicines.


Contamination of medicines is a real challenge that the medicine industry faces today. It can happen at any moment along the chain of production and distribution. There are four basic types of spoliation that can occur to a medicinal product:

  • Chemical: This type of spoliation happens due to a direct interaction of medicines with moisture, gases, and vapors.
  • Physical: It arises due to the entry of outside particles in the production or packaging process of drugs.
  • Biological: The exposure of medical items to bacteria, fungus, and viruses result in biological contagion.
  • Pyrogenic: It is caused due to the application of pyrogenic substances to medicines.

All this spoliation affects the healing capacity of life-saving drugs. The medical companies are required to make some serious efforts towards assuring the medicine safety from these effects. The custom medicine boxes can definitely help them in the process.

How are these boxes manufactured?

There are several materials being used to produce different packaging solutions in the medical industry. In the making of medicine packages, cardboard variants are preferred because of their protective properties. A higher tensile strength value makes them better able to tolerate severe loads and pressures. An application of lamination puts them in a better position to defend the medical products from moisture and humidity effects. Greater flexibility allows the making of a snug fit design that holds the drugs in an upright manner and prevents any leakage. These boxes are further reinforced by corrugating the cardboard. It prevents mechanical damage posed by the stacking process. Kraft is another protective used in the construction process because of its resistant properties towards contamination. It also brings prolonging effects for drugs.

Why are they eco-friendly?

Plastic packages are chemical-laden and are responsible for seeping unsafe substances into medical items. The toxins and chemicals get attached to the drugs, and consumption of such medicines may develop side effects for the users. Medicine boxes wholesale businesses make eco-friendly packages to avoid this kind of effect. These boxes are easy to degrade, which makes them immune to toxins and chemicals. They also offer better protection against all outside influences that affect the quality of medicines. They block light, air, moisture, and biological infection from building up in the box due to exposure to external elements.

How are they made airtight?

People often complain that pharmaceutical companies sell more air than medicine. But, there is a logic behind the airtight sealing of the medicine packages. In this type of sealing, air films are packed inside the packages. The air has richer contents of nitrogen, and the process of injecting air inside is often called air flushing. These contents help to preserve the life-saving drugs from getting damaged. If you think that it is normal air that we breathe, you are wrong. The packages do not have any kind of oxygen inside as it would contaminate the medicines. Inside lamination technique is also used to make them airtight. It protects the packages from opening accidentally that prevents the effect of spilling out.

Benefits of airtight packaging:

The medicines with their perfect healing capability need to be kept free from moisture to make sure they stay intact. Medicine packages having airtight seals serve a great deal in this aspect. The airtight seal blocks the entry of outside particles, thus, making the drugs free from the effect of spoiling. This seal also helps in sustaining the odor and taste of medicinal items so as to keep up their freshness. They avert moisture from seeping in, which could have devastating effects on the efficiency of inside items. They also reduce the growth of bacteria and avoid you spending money on chemical preservatives.

Medicine boxes involve the introduction of various elements to improve the lifespan and efficacy of medicinal products. These are custom packaging boxes and are manufactured with eco-friendly materials to prevent the building of any toxins, which is often the case with plastic packaging. The airtight design provides a perfect barrier against external elements for a substantial increase in the shelf life of drugs.

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