Oily skin care tips

Oily skin can affect the confidence of many people. Because people with naturally oily skin when faced with hot and humid weather in Thailand. May make the skin more greasy. In addition, improper skin care can increase the risk of other skin problems.

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In addition to dealing with oiliness on the skin. People with skin conditions are also at risk of developing certain types of acne. Understanding your skin type and taking proper care of your skin may help reduce those problems. Let’s see how oily skin looks like. What is the cause of oily skin? So how is the skin care method different from other skin types?

Understand the nature and causes of oily skin.

Oily skin can be found in many forms. Some people have oily skin only in the T-Zone or around the forehead, nose, and down to the chin. Some people may have oily skin all over their face and body. Knowing and understanding their skin type may help oily skinned people assess their risk of potential skin problems.

The most obvious characteristic of oily skin people is that the skin is oily quickly, the skin looks shiny, sometimes it may look greasy when faced with intense heat or sweating.In addition, people with oily skin make it quite difficult to apply makeup. Makeup tends to get loose or greasy easily during the day. Consider buy BEAUTY OF JOSEON online as some of their products are water based to nourish the skin without leaving it greasier.

In addition, the sebaceous glands of oily skin people are more active than people with other skin types. As a result, so much oil is produced that the skin looks oily. And often comes with problems with large pores to allow the oil to drain better. This makes people with oily skin more vulnerable to certain types of acne than others.

especially clogged acne This is caused by clogged pores from the production of large amounts of sebum that combines with dead skin cells and dust from the external environment. and inflammatory acne that is often caused by P. acnes, which is a fat-loving acne infection. If your skin is very oily, it can cause the bacteria to grow in the clogged pores and become this type of acne.

However, there are many other causes and factors that can cause oily skin as well. both genetics Hormonal changes in puberty, stress, hot and humid weather. Including the selection of skin care or skin care products that are not appropriate.

5 tips for oily skin care

Many times, some people may think that taking care of oily skin to look beautiful and radiant is not easy. Because oily skin is a skin problem that many people encounter frequently. and have to face acne problems that follow from the occurrence of oily skin This has caused many people to try to find ways to keep their skin beautiful and healthy.

We are going to share with you 5 tips on how to take care of your oily skin naturally to be beautiful and glowing easily by yourself that everyone can do at home.

  1. Taking care of the cleanliness of the face is the most important thing.

For those with oily skin, they have more oiliness on their face than usual. Thus causing the accumulation of dirt on the face a lot. There is a chance of clogging higher than other skin types. Therefore, we should wash your face thoroughly. But you should not wash your face too often. You should wash your face twice a day, morning and evening. Or should wash only when you feel that your face is really oily. This is because frequent washing will accelerate the skin’s production of more oil than before. In addition, the selection of facial cleansing products is also important. We should choose products that are especially suitable for oily skin.

  1. Selection of skin care products that are formulated without oil.

After washing your face You should use a toner. By choosing a toner that does not contain alcohol, use to wipe the face 2 times in the morning and evening to be able to control oiliness on the face. After that, choose skin care products formulated without oil as an ingredient. And should choose a product that contains water as a base is better. because if choosing a cream that contains oil It will make you feel more oily. especially sunscreen that is already sticky The more you have to choose products that are light and oil-free.

  1. Choosing a foundation for makeup

Choosing a foundation for those with oily skin should opt for a water-based foundation or a non-oily gel-based foundation. perfume and alcohol Because this liquid or gel foundation is lightweight. Able to properly cover the pores on the face, it is also water resistant and sweat resistant. Does not make the foundation peel off easily during the day. and focusing on choosing a foundation that is mixed with minerals And natural vitamins such as mineral water, zinc oxide and vitamin C that will help absorb excess oil on the face as well. In addition, vitamin C will help make the skin look radiant. radiant, not dull In addition, should choose a foundation that is a matte type to help the skin look smoother and prevent our skin from looking more greasy than before.

  1. Taking care not to cover the face.

In addition to cleaning and makeup in the first place. Another thing for those with oily skin is that being careful not to cover up the face Whether it’s letting me cover my face Because the dirt from the hair and scalp will accumulate on our faces. When traveling outside the house should choose a hair style that can open up the face. When you go to bed, you should pull your hair behind your back. and keep bedding, pillows and blankets clean on a regular basis as well

  1. Choosing the right food

An important nutrient for people with oily skin is vitamin B2. If those with oily skin have a little vitamin B2 deficiency. It may make the skin look more oily. Therefore, those with oily skin should choose to eat foods rich in vitamin B2 enough, such as whole grains, nuts of various types. Including the selection of vegetables, fruits, etc. In addition, it should be reduced to oily foods. This will cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. And avoid alcohol that can dehydrate the body.

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