Reasons Why Maize Shelling Machine are Getting Popular And Famous

A maize sheller is a piece of machinery used for shelling maize kernels from the maize cob. Before the shelling of maize, foliage is manually separated first. These machines make it easier and possible to shell maize several times, and faster than shelling with hands.

In this article, the reasons why maize seller machines have become popular and famous will be elaborated

Due to the machine demand increase, industrialization levels have thus intensified to meet the levels of production. Machines like maize shellers are included.

Below are some of the reasons why they have become popular.

Labor efficiency

As shelling of maize through traditional ways like animal tramping, stone rubbing, and beating maize in the suck with sticks take ages to complete, it requires a large number of laborers to make the task easier and faster.

Maize shelling machines have thus come to reduce the cost of labor in some communities like in Kenya, children are driven out of school t make shelling efficient.


Maize shelling machines are readily available in the markets. They are cost-efficient hence making the maize shelling machine price in Kenya to be manageable to many small-scale farmers and small maize shelling businesses.

Increase food security

Maize shelling machines have reduced the losses that are witnessed post-harvesting. Reduced post-harvesting losses is the main task ensuring an increase in income to smallholders farmers and food security too. They facilitate food availability to international and local markets.


Unlike the traditional maize threshing ways, which take weeks after harvesting to complete the shelling task, maize shelling machines make work easier and more efficient. The machines hence save the farmers or maize shelling businesses time.

Below are some of the benefits of having the maize sheller machine.

They have a good working performance, they are portable, are of high quality, have high dependability, are easy to use, are energy-efficient, are time efficient, are either motor-driven or manually operated.

Maize shellers are of two different types. The cylinder type and spring type.

The cylinder type

It consists of a cylinder with a blower unit, a concave unit, and lugs. The spiral ribs in this type provide smooth movement of cobs. The maize cobs are placed between the concave assembly and the cylinder and the kernels are removed by the lugs.

The machine’s blower cleans the small cobs pieces and light materials hence collecting clean grains.

The spring type

It consists of a rotating disc, a rotating fluted cylinder, and a spring pressure. In this type, the maize cobs are placed in the rotating cylinder flute, the kernels are removed from the size cobs as they move between the disc and the cylinder.

The blower blows off light substances from the grains hence collecting clean grains separately.


Since maize meal is the staple food and most consumed food, the invention of maize seller machines has reduced post-harvest loss improving the farmer’s working conditions. Maize shelling machines also have made shelling easier and manageable and to many maize farmers, this machinery has become a crucial budget.

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