Role of pumps in the paint application process

Pumps are considered to be a very vital piece of machinery when it comes to the application of paint in the automobile industry. This is because pumps consist of perfect properties for the function of pumping paint mixtures and adding pigments.

Varnish and laminate can also be easily pumped without any kind of problem. Pumps can be used to fill vials, bottles, or cans with paint. Throughout the manufacturing process of paints and lacquers, air-operated double diaphragm pumps are used commonly. This makes it an ideal piece of machinery in the paint application process. For example – a feed pump can be used for paint spraying guns.

How can Dürr help in improving the machinery used in your paint application process in India?

To catch up with the demanding and highly diverse paint supply requirements of the industrial sector, Dürr has developed several pump models. These pumps have different drives and methods of operation, which makes these pump the best option for materials with very varied properties. This feature opens up newer areas of operation for these pumps.

Dürr offers 5 types of pumps in India to upgrade the machinery and streamline the paint application process.

  • EcoPump HP – Air operated horizontal piston pumps 

EcoPump HP is a horizontal piston pump that is driven by air. It meets the highest demands, as it consists of distinguishing characteristics: high performance and durability. The EcoPump HP is primarily designed for paint circulation systems as well as fluid transfer and supply. This is because it consists of a concealed shaft seal. In addition, it comes with a horizontal 2 piston design. This guarantees equal thrust on both strokes and helps perform a rapid pump change over, just with a quick-release valve.

It has a modular design which makes its maintenance very easy, and it generally handles fluids like water and solvent-borne paints, varnishes, enamels, and lacquers.

  • EcoPump HPE – Electrically operated horizontal piston pumps 

It is like EcoPump HP and shares the same characteristics except that the EcoPump HPE comes with an electric drive that provides superior performance and reduces operating costs.

  • EcoPump VP – Air operated vertical piston pumps

The EcoPump VP is majorly used for medium and high-pressure applications. It is a pneumatically driven vertical piston pump. These pumps have great design and offer long-term durability, which makes these pumps a perfect choice for small and middle application of paints, mastics, and adhesives to furniture, walls or steel structures, can bodies, and other objects. In addition, these are perfect for airless or air-assisted application. The pump is available in numerous configurations with various air inlet modules, pressure relief valves, trolleys, and adjacent devices.

  • EcoPump VPS – Air operated vertical shovel plate pump

It is an air-operated chop-check pump for medium to high viscosity fluids such as glues, oils, or wax. It is a perfect choice for the high viscosity application because of its unique design and long-term durability.

  • EcoPump AD – Air operated diaphragm pumps

This pump can handle a wide choice of manufacturing materials, which makes it the best solution for different kinds of fluid handling like abrasive and particle-containing fluids. It operates in circulation or direct fluid delivery mode. In addition, its simple designs provide you with easy maintenance and service.

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