The Eaton EasyE4

The Eaton EasyE4

Would you like to have remote control of almost 190 input/output points as well as be able to simultaneously manage your energy, lighting, irrigation, pumps, air and heating, and automation? Well, that’s where the Eaton EasyE4 comes into play. This particular control system hits all the big Es: efficient, effortless, easy and effective. Not to mention, the Eaton EasyE4 is also incredibly simple to wire, install and program, which in turn reduces your downtime associated with changing out control systems to new Eaton units.

Improved Connection Flexibility and a Wide Range of Power Integration

The Eaton EasyE4 comes with 11 different local expansion modules that can all be connect to the same base unit. There are 188 specific input/outputs possible in one unit as well, and you can manage a variety of applications with one control point. The compact size of the Eaton EasyE4 makes it particularly flexible and versatile, and it works with a variety of voltage applications versus just one (includes compatibility with DC, AC as well as UC).

Because of an integrated interface for Ethernet connections, the Eaton EasyE4 also works extremely well with a variety of communication modes and formats. All of this allows for easy direct and remote control of the unit, which is augmented by the ability to program it in a quadruplet set of languages as well. And, there’s not need to plug in a laptop just to see what’s going on inside the control; an integrated display provides easy visual management.

Data Logging and Custom Display Loading

The Eaton EasyE4 also includes the ability to load a micro SD card which gives a user the ability to save data logging transactions as well as load specialized displays for custom-specific applications. Displays are adjustable in three different color modes, and it integrates a fully functional clock features for time and date control as well.

In addition to the hardware designs already made part of the Eaton EasyE4, Eaton loads the unit with their Eaton easySoft software for programming directly. The proprietary software works seamlessly with connected Eaton controllers, displays, and integrated systems. The software is also great for planning. It includes a simulation tool so facility managers can lay out different setups and allocations to determine the best configuration of connections with the programming desired and related functions.

Eaton Pushes Your Process Management to the Next Level

Eaton focuses on producing hardware and system management tools that not only perform their expected function in terms of process controls, they make it better than before. Using regularly improved management technologies and monitoring services integrated with heavy-duty industrial builds, Eaton controllers hit top of the market in terms of viable solutions for industrial system management.

Partnering with Eaton, Seagate Controls gives you direct access to the Eaton EasyE4 and variety of other switches and controls available for facility control. Whether its electric, mechanical or hydraulic, Eaton controllers give you the primary industrial edge to improve and evolve your system data feedback and decision-making application.

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