The Navi Team, How Many Rosters Does It Have?

The organization Natus Vincere enters the list of the most famous clubs in esports. Many different teams play under this tag in popular esports disciplines. You can find out more about the news from the world of esports competitions at This material includes information about the rosters of NAVI.


The organization started with a CS roster at the end of 2009. It started winning titles almost immediately, including ESWC, WCG, and IEM. It has made the organization the first one to win three most prestigious tournaments at once. The team finished 2010 with the success at DreamHack Winter 2010. After the victory in Sweden, Na’Vi broke the record of earned prize money per year, having earned more than 200 000 dollars. The organization defended its title of the IEM champion and added ESL trophies to its collection in the following years.

2021 was especially rich in trophies for the organization when the team achieved victory at the following tournaments:

  • IEM Cologne;
  • DreamHack Masters;
  • ESL Pro League Season 14;
  • BLAST Premier Fall and World Final.

Of course, we can’t forget about the first CS:GO Major, which was won by the club at PGL Stockholm.

Dota 2

The Dota 2 roster was formed in 2010. A year later, having made a few replacements, the team received an invitation to the very first The International tournament, at which it prevailed, as a result, The Born To Win secured second place at TI in the following two years. Since then, NAVI has had no significant results at tournaments by Valve. The Dota 2 roster won and held high places only at secondary competitions.

Other Disciplines

  • Rainbow Six;

Having bought out the German roster in 2019, NAVI entered the discipline Rainbow Six. It is worth noting such a victory of the team as Pro League Season 10, the team can also boast of third place in the European League.

  • Apex Legends;

The team also joined Apex the same year. NAVI can only brag about second places at two important tournaments in the discipline.


The organization purchased a PUBG team in April 2018. It managed to achieve victory in the second season of the Unique Pro League and hold high places at other prestigious tournaments in the following two years.

  • Brawl Stars;

Natus Vincere acquired another roster in 2021, it was a Brawl Stars squad, which had won the Brawl Stars Championship a few times.

  • Halo Infinite and VALORANT.

The team also has rosters in these disciplines but it can’t boast of significant high-level achievements. The club has victories in Halo Infinite but they were achieved at C-Tier events.


Natus Vincere is initially famous for its CS and Dota 2 rosters due to its grand victories. However, the organization tries to develop this success in other disciplines. It has many teams in popular games, which already can brag about famous victories.

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