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Things to Know About the Bulova Watch Brand

Bulova, an American watch manufacturer, is credited with industry firsts such as the first standardization of watch parts and electronic watches. Bulova is a well-known brand in the industry, but it doesn’t get a lot of press. This could be by design, given the company’s image for being understated. However, the honor it receives as an American watch brand in a Swiss-dominated industry is not to be overlooked.

After all, President Coolidge famously granted a Bulova to Red Sox and Yankees treasure Bucky Harris in 1924, an official timekeeper on Air Force 1, and its 46 NASA space missions. Featured in this article are some of the great things about the brand.

Bulova and Its Amazing Features

Bulova watches are regarded for their greatness because of these three things: precision, unrestricted design, and history.


Bulova offers a variety of movements, including proprietary quartz movements with high accuracy and high frequency. They make P102 calibers, which are 8-jewel quartz movements that are among the world’s most precise. The NN50 caliber, a patented three-prong quartz crystal with a vibrational frequency of 262kHz, is 8x faster than the average quartz timepiece.

Unrestricted Design

Bulova has a wide variety of designs to choose from without sacrificing brand recognition. They make iconic sports watches, for instance, but are regarded for giving them a dressier makeover; the Marine Star, for example, is slimmer and less outgoing than the Submariner or Orient Ray II. They also use classic designs from their collections, as well as experimental designs that include spectacular cut-outs and the use of unusual colors and materials.

American Heritage

Bulova has been there since 1875, as their watch faces imply. It was introduced in New York by Joseph Bulova, and its headquarters are still located in the Empire State Building.  They’re known for several modifications, including the Accutron, the world’s first electronic timepiece. The Marine Star, the Precisionist, and the Oceanographer are three other emblematic Bulova collections.

Bulova as Mid-Tier Watch Brand

Bulova is a well-known mid-tier watchmaker with a few high-end lines. Precisionist is their most expensive line, with some watches costing up to $1300. Bulova also provides different lines that are more design-committed than materials-committed, resulting in more affordable prices. Some of the Frank Lloyd Wright items are a prime illustration of this. Even if they’re not outrageously priced, their heritage watches are regarded as high-ranking. Bulova’s Moonwatch, the Lunar Pilot, is highly desired because it is both a high-quality chronograph and historically significant.

Quality of Bulova Watches

Bulova’s quartz watches are among the best on the market, and their automatic movements are both trustworthy and well-built. Bulova is popular and loved because you get exactly what you pay for in each collection. Sure, you won’t be finding them splurging on a sapphire crystal that costs less than $150. Even well-known high-end brands, on the other hand, will use their name to inflate the price of their cost centers. Bulova is owned by Citizen, a company known for its stringent quality control procedures.

Prices of Bulova Watches

Bulova men’s watches vary in price from under $100 to the aforementioned luxury sections, which can cost up to $1300 and $4000 for limited runs. Captain David Scott’s original Apollo 15 Moonwatch was auctioned in 2015 for $1.6 million. This is an oddity in terms of price, but not when it emerges to the significance of Bulova.

Best Bulova Watches for Men

Here are some of the best Bulova watches for men.

Bulova Lunar Pilot

This watch is based on the Bulova that Commander David Scott wore after his Omega tore during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971. It’s a significant wristwatch that also is among the finest Omega Speedmaster substitutes. With a water resistance of 100m and a sapphire crystal, it’s a quintessential, high-functioning timepiece. For a night after-work look, couple it with a leather strap.

Bulova Aerojet Open Heart

The design of this Aerojet Open Heart is inspired by the original model from 1966. For a sentimental look, the crown and hour markers, each labeled with a pearl-like dot at the edge, are rose gold while the stainless steel case is silver. The open heart, or the circular window on the dial that discloses the movement’s equilibrium wheel, gives the watch a masculine and scientific feel. It also works perfectly with a rose gold case and a black dial.

Bulova Marine Star 98B301

Bulova’s legendary Marine Star Collection’s 98B301 is a clear illustration of how the company incorporates svelte dress watch characteristics into a legendary sports timepiece. Rather than the usual bubbly indices, the hours are indicated by lean two-tone bars. The mostly blue dial is accented with rose gold accents. The middle link of the bracelet has yet another unique and beautiful design element. Its rose gold accent spikes out from the middle link’s case-facing edge, rather than being a different color than the side links as in traditional two-tones.

In A Nutshell

It’s incredible to be able to spread the word about how fantastic Bulova watches for men are. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the company. It’s genuinely one of the top-recommended watch brands for dress watches. Bulova is extremely dependable, and you always know what you’re having.


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