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Super Lig, the top division of football in Turkey, reports that they lost EUR263 million ($291 million) in Turkish Lira compared to Euros and US Dollars. A few former and present Turkish footballers and their managers were detained for involvement in an unsuccessful coup in 2016. Some members of Sivasspor’s youth team suffered injuries during a car crash.

According to Source, this report, 11th European Club Footballing Landscape included specific details, stating:

The relatively high costs of financing associated with financing Turkish or Italian clubs continue to eat up significant proportions of revenues from clubs and total non-operating costs equal at 29 percent or 7 percent revenues, respectively. In Turkey, this trend is due to recently devalued Turkish Lira and foreign exchange loss more than EUR125 million ($138 million) have impacted Turkish clubs even more than they did the previous year (EUR73m)’.

The report further said that the best three teams were in the top twenty clubs of Europe with the most net debt. Fenerbahce has EUR334 million ($370 million) net debt, which is 6th. Besiktas, which has EUR183 million ($203 million), is 15th. Galatasaray, which has EUR175 million ($194 million) net debt, is 17th.

In the meantime, a few footballers and a manager, both former and current, were sent to prison for their involvement with the Gulen movement, which was the cause of the failure of a coup attempt in the year 2016. Some of those who were sentenced are Bekir Irtegun, Ugur Boral and Omer Catkic, former members of the Turkish national team. They received a sentence of two years and three months for belonging to a militant terrorist group.

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Zafer Biryol, Ismail Sengul, former football player and manager Ersin Gureler received an extended sentence of six years and three months for the same crime. Irtegun, Boral and Catkic all received shorter sentences thanks to their confessions, which were hugely beneficial to Turkish authorities in their investigations.

Based on the investigation, they found those indicted to have used ByLock, the encrypted application that Gulen members of the movement utilized, and contacted Fethullah Gulen, who was the leader of the group.

In a similar incident, 6 members of the Sivasspor U-14-U-15 team were injured when the bus veered off-road due to the heavy snowfall. The incident took place within the center of the Turkish region of Sivas. According to a statement issued from the club, the incident took place while the team was travelling across Turkey’s south Hatay province to Sivas after a game against Hatayspor.

The injured were rushed into a nearby hospital in Sivas for treatment immediately, and six of the injured were released with minor scratches and bruises. In a statement, the Turkish Football Federation wished the injured players a speedy recovery through their website. Certain Turkish Football clubs like Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, and Besiktas also expressed the same sentiments.

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