Ukraine’s leading tech companies

A very much less known fact is that Ukraine has always offered a lot to the tech industry of the world. Their contributions have almost never been acknowledged because people did not know about their contributions. You can read up about their contributions regarding tech on the internet but for that, you would need a steady internet connection so that you could surf the internet with ease. For that, you should look into Xfinity internet deals, which could help not only get you internet but a very reliable internet connection. Back to the tech industry, here are some of the major tech companies that have originated in Ukraine. 


+headquarters in both Ukraine and the United States. Grammarly makes use of Artificial Intelligence to point out grammar mistakes and correct them. This makes work a lot quicker and more accurate, which gives off a good impression. Using Grammarly has become an everyday kind of thing and the worst m part is that people do not even know that the company that created it originates in Ukraine. 


Traces.AI was also started in Ukraine and since Ukraine has always worked extensively on Artificial Intelligence, this project also incorporated Artificial Intelligence into it. The company has tracked more than 2,000 traits of people living in Ukraine through security cameras installed all over Ukraine. The company was started back in 2014 and it was used very recently to keep track of people who had contracted the coronavirus and could potentially spread it to other people. 


PetCube was created back in 2012 and it gives people the opportunity to interact with their pets. Sounds weird, right? The company has created very effective Wi-Fi cameras that can be installed in your house so that you can interact with your pets wherever you are. All you need to do is to have those cameras installed in your house and you need to have the mobile application. You can then look at the live feed on your phone through the mobile application. This way your pets can also feel like you are nearby and that would save them from separation anxiety. 


RefaceAI is one of the best face-swapping software that has origins in Ukraine as well. In this software, you can take any person and you can swap their faces with anyone else for entertainment purposes. Mostly, this software is used for the entertainment industry, which includes game development and interactions among humans. The software gives you the option to swap your face or someone else’s face with faces on paintings, statues, movie characters, video game characters, and animated characters and the best part is that you can still keep the emotion of the face intact after you have swapped the faces. For instance, you could take your best friend and you could swap their face with Kratos from God of War, giving them Kratos’ very aggressive face. 

Ajax Systems

The very famous manufacturer of some of the best security systems, Ajax, also takes its origins from Ukraine. These security systems are like no other, they are smart home security systems which makes them more reliable than regular security systems. The company started off back in 2011 and with their smart security systems, they served as a breakthrough in smart solutions to home security. The company has created wireless door and window opening sensors that also have motion detectors, which makes them very sensitive to movement and makes your house very secure. 


Netpeak is Europe’s biggest digital marketing platform and it was founded back in 2006. The company has been giving very robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, SMM, PPS, and email marketing as well. They have also given promotional services for mobile applications so that companies would get higher data traffic on the internet and their businesses would get the boost that they need. This way, new customers are also attracted to the organization and its services, and the existing customers are compelled to purchase more goods and services from the company. 

Wrapping up

These are some of the most famous tech companies that have taken origins in Ukraine. Many of them are related to Artificial Intelligence as Ukraine has been working very extensively on Artificial Intelligence. They have integrated Artificial Intelligence into grammar correcting tools and even home security systems. While Ukraine continues to be in conflict and under war, it has still managed to be one of the main names in the tech industry of the world. 

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