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What are the benefits of a couch cover?

There are a number of benefits to couch covers, from protecting your couch against spills and dirt to preventing pets from getting on your couch. Read our guide on couch covers below for tips on how to choose couch covers and everything you need to know about couch cover care.

Couch Covers: Important Things to Consider

When buying couch covers, it is important that they fit the couch properly. Our couch cover size chart will help you pick out the perfect sized couch cover for your couch. When buying a new couch, consider getting one with removable covers so that it’s even easier to clean or change up styles whenever you want! You can also get throw pillows in coordinating fabrics for added layers of protection from pets and spills. 

  • Keeps couch clean when in use, when not in use couch can be folded away.
  • Adds an extra layer of protection to your couch
  • Protects couch from spills and dirt, which could damage the couch.
  • Many couch covers are machine washable, for easy cleaning! 
  • ​Couch covers are easy to put on and take off for different uses or when you need to wash it! 

What is a good couch cover made of?

A water-resistant material. The best covers have materials that are waterproof in addition to being stain resistant which can be helpful in many situations. If spilled water is left long enough on the sofa, there’s a chance it will seep through and get your couch wet. Water is difficult if not impossible to remove once it’s seeped into the couch and dried (this is where a waterproof material comes in).

 Also with couch covers, one of the top materials used for couch covers is polyester with an acrylic back coating. This is because this fabric provides very good defense against stains and spills while also being easy to clean 

What are some factors I should consider when purchasing a couch cover?

 Does the sofa cover have proper ties so that it doesn’t slip around when you sit on your couch? Or at least include clips so you can attach the cover securely without any slipping.

 Consider how many years you plan on using your couch and what its proper care entails. If you have kids, there’s a good chance couch will take more of a beating than if it were being used by two adults with no pets.

 What are the couch cover’s features? 

If you need couch covers mainly for protecting your couch from dirt, spills and stains, though they are often waterproof too, then it doesn’t matter as much that they are waterproof or not 

Where can I find couch covers?

 There are many online companies who sell couch covers 

Couch covers are a great way to protect the couch against many kinds of forced entry, including dirt, scratches, stains, dust particles and most common couch damages. For the couch cover alone they will keep your couch in good shape for years even if you have pets or children.

What kind of couch covers are there?

Couch covers can be made out of couch fabric, couch vinyl and couch leather. Vinyl couch covers are thin and look like a couch. Fabric couch covers look like a couch but cost more to recover or reupholster it. Leather couch covers don’t come cheap either, but they look the best and will last longer than other varieties.

There are also couch covers to fit every couch so the couch can look like new even when it’s not.

What couch cover do you recommend?

I would recommend an easy couch cover if you want something that has no frills and just looks like a couch. A premium or custom fit couch cover is more expensive but will fit better, longer and stay in place better than an easy couch cover. It will wear out fast if there are pets or children jumping on it constantly though, so keep that in mind when considering your options.

Is a couch cover worth it?

Yes. A couch cover will protect your couch from dirt and pet hair, scratches, stains and dust particles. It will help your couch last longer as well as stay cleaner and look better for years to come.


A couch cover is always a good idea, even if you don’t have pets or children. Couch covers are very affordable and keep couch looking great for years!


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