What Should You Do After A Car Accident: A Complete Guide

A car accident is a terrifying experience. It can be more problematic if the person is seriously injured. More than 6 million car accidents happen each year, but most are just vehicle damages. Unfortunately, one in three accidents is personal injuries.

If you get into a car accident, then there are some steps that you need to follow to ensure everyone’s safety and interest. These steps will guide you to make an important decision to file a lawsuit, whether you are at fault or not, primarily when consulting a Shreveport car accident lawyer or Shreveport car accident attorney.

Check for injuries

Whenever you face a car accident, stop your vehicle, come out of your car as soon as possible, and help other passengers. Check yourself for injuries and also ensure that your passengers are safe. If you find any damage to your body or your passenger’s body, call 911 or ask for someone’s help. If you are seriously injured, wait for medical help or drive to a nearby medical facility. 

Protect the scene

It’s best to turn on your vehicles’ dipper to prevent further accidents. In case your lights don’t work, set up flares. Also, you can use flashlights to keep yourself safe while waiting for medical help or another car. Ensure that vehicles involved in accidents will remain there unless police allow you to do so. This will also help you during court proceedings to get the proper compensation.

Call the police

It’s legally required to call the police even if there are no injuries so that police officers can inspect the accident area and file a report against the faulty person. If the police cannot come to the scene of an accident, it’s best to visit the nearby police station and file a report of your car accident. This report copy will help you when you claim medical insurance.

Record The Accident Scene

If you have a camera, start recording the whole scene of the accident to keep the record. This will help you when the police interrogate you. If you are not sure about any question’s answer, it’s best to avoid guessing about any fact. For example, if you have seen the red light but unsure about it, say you are unsure instead of saying yes. Also, ensure that the statements of other eyewitnesses are accurate.

Exchange the information

Once you ensure that all your passengers are uninjured, exchange your information with the other driver. This information includes full name, contact details, medical insurance company, policy number, vehicles’ no., driver’s license, license number, and accident location. It’s recommended to avoid discussing the facts of the accident with the other driver. This will help you when you file an insurance claim; the adjuster will review who is at fault. 

Ask the help of car accident lawyers

If you have gone through a severe car accident and can not deal with medical insurance companies, it’s best to call car accidents attorneys. These professionals will help you file a lawsuit against the other driver, gather evidence, and deal with medical insurance companies. If you live in Shreveport, search for a Shreveport car accident lawyer or ask your neighbor for the best Shreveport car accident attorney. These lawyers will help you protect your rights and ensure that valuable evidence is not destroyed. It is essential to consult a legal advisor for a better decision. 


Whenever you get into a car accident, you should follow the steps mentioned above and your passenger’s safety. These steps will help you report the case at the police station and get aware of your rights. It’s always advised to hire the best car accident lawyer or attorney for this job as they are experienced in this field. They will also assist you in getting the proper compensation for your injury and vehicle damage. 

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