What you should know about solar parking lot lighting

There are many solar panels on the street poles, which you will see when you drive through the park or your car along the street. They are both solar-powered street lights and parking lot lights. The use of solar panel technology is not new. We are confident that solar street lamps will grow in popularity over the next few years. The components cost of the solar street lamp have been decreasing over the last 10 years. They will continue to decrease. The price of a solar streetlight will continue to drop in the coming years.

Customers Prefer New Technology

If it is beneficial to their lives, customers will be open to new technology. Because of the many benefits that solar street lights offer, customers prefer solar-powered outdoor lights to grid-tie industrial lighting. Solar street lighting systems are off-grid, meaning they can be easily and safely installed. Installers can complete the entire solar street lighting installation in less than ten minutes, as there is no need to trench the wires. Customers will pay less for their solar street light installation due to the zero-percent electric fee. Smart control of the solar street lamps is possible to save energy. For example, motion dimming. Emission reduction is achieved by energy saving. Emission reduction is the most important policy in the world.

Solar LED Street Lights

Solar led street lights offer many benefits. Before you decide to purchase one, you might want to find out more. Are you able to install solar street lights in your area?

The solar LED lights are just as efficient as standard solar energy. They are completely off-grid, and include battery technology.

It is obvious that solar-powered streetlights are powered by solar energy. But, this doesn’t end there. Photovoltaic cells are responsible for the street lights’ ability to absorb solar energy during daytime. The cells convert the solar energy into electrical energy, which can be used to power the lamps at night. This cycle repeats every day, so the street light could have an energy source that can last as long as there is sun.

Photovoltaic technology is used to convert sunlight into electrical energy. Solar LED street lights are powered by solar photovoltaic. This happens when positively-charged electrons push sunlight into negatively-charged cells. This allows sunlight to convert into electrons, thereby creating direct current electricity. The process is similar to electricity-based gadgets. Wires are connected from the solar cells to the battery to transfer direct current electricity.

First, you need enough sunlight to allow the solar panel to generate enough energy for led lighting. This is why solar street lights are in high demand in Canada, and countries close to the Equator.

The second point is whether the area requires a stable and consistent lighting schedule. For example, high-speed roads require street lights to function every night. Solar parking lot lights don’t need to be on at night.

Solar Power: Return on Investment

Three, the return on investment for solar powered solar street lamps in your area. Led street lights are more affordable than solar street lights. You should not install solar street lights if your area has very low electric costs. The Canadian cities are not suitable for installing solar street lights. To ensure enough lighting in Canada, we need to install a larger solar panel and battery. The cost of solar street lights in Canada will be much higher than the cost of led street lights.

Solar street lights design proposal

The first step is to verify the pole height. Different places have different requirements for pole height. In parks, the posts are usually between 10-15 feet high. Rural roads may have pole heights of 15-20 feet. The pole height on major traffic streets can reach 25-35ft.

Second, adjust the led lumen to match the pole height. This is where we need to clarify and correct a common misconception among customers. It is not the led brightness that determines the power, but the led lumen. The led luminous efficacy may vary from 150 lm/w up to 220 and low voltage lights should be used. Different lumen efficacy led chips can make the same brightness different. We recommend using high luminous efficacy LED chips to lower the power and brightness. This will allow us to use smaller solar panels and batteries to reduce the cost of solar street lamps.

Smart Energy Control

Third: You can adjust the time and energy efficiency of the solar lights according to traffic. The solar street lights have the advantage of being able to easily achieve smart energy-saving control. There are three ways to save energy: motion dimming, dark-to-dawn dimming and auto-time dimming. To save energy, we can set the brightness at 100% for high-speed roads with heavy traffic. We can also set the brightness to 50% in 6 hours. For rural streets in the countryside with very few people, 30% can be set to motion dim. The solar lights will be 100% bright if there is a person near. It will also be brightened by 30% if there isn’t anyone nearby to conserve energy. All solar lights have the ability to dim from dark to dawn. The led lights can be turned on at night and switched off during the day automatically.

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