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10 Dazzling Ideas for Your Wedding Photography

The wedding is a day filled with happiness, laughter and love. It’s a time to celebrate the union of two people who have committed their lives to each other. The beauty that surrounds this occasion can be captured perfectly in photos, but not all wedding photographers are created equal. Why should you choose one over another? In this article we will discuss 9 dazzling ideas for your wedding photography that may help you make an informed decision when it comes time to choose your photographer! 

##1. Coordinated Team

This is something to look for when choosing your wedding photographer. First things first, you want someone to document your day, but if the person taking your photos gets along well with other members of the team, it can be a great thing! Usually, one photographer will do all of the work while another takes videos or second opinions about what’s going on. 

The best way to ensure that everyone works together is for them to have already worked together before! A coordinated team helps make sure that everything goes smoothly…and capturing moments doesn’t get missed! 

##2. Collaborative Efforts 

When hiring any professional service, especially photography services, you should always make sure you are getting exactly what you paid for. If they only take pictures and do not contribute to the events, you get what you paid for. But if they are actively involved with your guest list, coordinating locations, assisting in entertainment…then this is someone who really cares about their job. 

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##3. Careful Coordination of Shots

This can go hand-in-hand with number two on our list! You want a photographer who has a very precise idea as to how they will capture all of those precious moments from your wedding day. If he or she does not have a clear view as to how these shots should be taken — well then it may take much longer than anticipated to capture those “perfect” moments from your special day because many other crucial shots will be missing! A detail-oriented photographer may even have shot lists for the day!

##4. Clean, Crisp Photos

Pictures of your wedding day are something that will always be treasured — can you say with confidence that your special memories associated with the contract signed will shine through when you look at them in years to come? If they are washed out, low quality with crooked pictures…then there is no chance they will stand the test of time.  Make sure you check out work samples or ask for references before making any decisions! You want to make sure your photographer knows their stuff and understands what they are doing (which means having a really good knowledge base of equipment, lighting and composition).

##5. Love for Life

Wedding photographers need to be able to capture the love of not only you and your fiance, but also all of those around you on that special day. There is no way they can accomplish this if they are not deeply passionate about what they do! If their passion shows through in their work then it will show through in how your guests react — which leads us into number six…

##6. Good Personal Relations with Guests

If your photographer is always talking with people, exchanging contact information, giving hugs at the end of the night…then chances are he or she is someone who enjoys being out there interacting with others! And guess what? Other people notice this too! The more outgoing you are as a person, the more outgoing you will be as a photographer. The two must go hand-in-hand if they are to create the ultimate combination of personality and skill required for success!

##7. Involvement and Interest in the Event

If your wedding photographer shows up and stays out of all of the action, make sure to ask “Where were you” when it mattered most! But don’t get upset — this is something we want to avoid at all costs by hiring someone who has too much invested in our event to stay away from it! A great thing about investing in a person like that is that they will feel more connected to your event. And chances are, because he or she feels connected, he or she can better tell your love story through his or her lens — which is exactly what you want! When you hire a wedding photographer, think of it like hanging up that “Help Wanted” sign in the grocery store; who do you want to build your brand? Someone with no interest in the job posting (and certainly not interested in doing anything other than what little work needs to be done) or someone who has stake in the success of an event he or she has invested so much time and effort into?

##8. Well-Posed Pictures

Okay, okay…they don’t need to be posed — after all, this is your day and every shot should be candid. Sometimes people get confused by this when they are looking at photographers’ work samples. Make sure to take note of the choice of words — “well posed” does not mean there was no spontaneity…it means that there must be a good mixture of traditional and ‘in the moment’ shots. Wearing costumes? Include those in your shoot! Don’t let people forget who your characters are supposed to be; you want well-posed pictures, but not stiff and robotic ones.

##9. Communicative and Understanding

Communication is key if we expect our photographer to capture all of those moments, we cherish most on our big day — and we’ll need someone who can understand us as well! Try talking with potential photographers about specific challenges that may arise during the day (constantly shifting light, for example) and see how responsive he or she is. Good photographers will listen to what you have to say and take it into consideration, so make sure to give them enough time to understand the nature of your day!

##10. Fun Friendly Environment

The reality is that your wedding photographer should be so much more than just a person with a camera — it’s someone who has the ability to capture the candid moments that no one else sees, including those that occur behind closed doors, or between people who don’t always get along. To do this requires special skills like listening well (which helps him learn about your guests) and making everyone feel comfortable (so they open up even more). If you are looking for someone to hang out with during all of the excitement, then it’s important that you choose someone who is fun and friendly! After all, you want your guests to be able to warm up around him or her — because trust me…your wedding photographer will get closer to them than people expect.

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