10 Different Styles Of Sunglasses You Should Own This Season

Sunglasses are consistently among the most accessories. No matter the season or trend, they are always just a glance away to give you a look as a stylish update. Most of us spend hours getting ready or putting together the correct clothing item; then why not spend a little more time on what is functional and not just a statement piece?

Most of us usually stick to one pair of sunglasses no matter the occasion, but it’s time to change. Now we’ll explore different types of sunglasses, their best face shape matches and why they matter. In this article, we’ll discuss sunglasses for both men and women.

As you know, sunglasses are one of the most stylish additions to your look. But their uses go far beyond, and now it is essential to understand why we need many types of sunglasses.

If you’ve got a surgical procedure done around your eyes, it requires a lot of care and prevention from direct light is what your doctors suggest to protect your eyes. You must start wearing prescription sunglasses

These sunglasses provide you with more protection because these are sunglasses with power that helps you in reading, writing, playing, or other activities. And even though these prescription sunglasses do not look like regular sunglasses, you don’t have to leave the stylish look for your eyes protection. There are different types of sunglasses known as prescription sunglasses men and prescription sunglasses women. All of them are available in the market in different styles.

Type of sunglasses for men’s

Men’s sunglasses tend to be more flexible than women’s, so you should completely exploit this. All of this will be considered an investment piece, as you’re bound to reach them more than once and beyond just a single occasion. Below are the types of sunglasses we will think will be best.


Aviators are a popular sunglasses type initially launched and are now provided by many trusted brands. Their most unique feature is a bar on the browline, just above the bridge of the nose, And these sunglasses are popular among men of all ages. These sunglasses will look great on all face shapes like rounded, rectangle, square, inverted triangle, heart, and oval.


If you are an 80s or 90s kid, you already own these sunglasses. Wayfarer saw a revival in the 2000s, and they are still everywhere. They are similar to typical square-shaped sunnies and differentiated by a curve at the bottom.

So go and buy yourself a pair of Wayfarer if you haven’t already but before hitting the checkout button, make sure you identify one of the below face shapes. Wayfarers usually suit rounded rectangle faces, square ones, inverted triangles, and oval ones. You can also get Wayfarer prescription sunglasses men.

Club master

These are funky street-styled sunglasses and straight away establish you as that cool guy. Club master sunglasses have a semi-rim, and the lenses are usually tinted with colors like green, blue, etc. Men can wear these sunglasses with shapes like rounded rectangles, rectangle squares, and ovals.


Just like their name suggests, these goggles go full circle and are also fully rimmed, and the arm is so sleek, and so is its frame. You can find them in metallic colors as well as solids. Round sunglasses are daytime favorites, and you can buy clear ones for that Harry Potter feel. If your face shape is rounded, rectangle, square, or diamond, you can rest assured that round sunglasses will be a superb choice for you.


If you like oversized or sleek lenses, rectangular sunglasses are equally impressive regardless of size, design, or print.  Rectangular sunglasses tend to add more definition if you have a very chiseled face. Flaunt these freely if you’re round, oval, or heart-shaped face type. They’ll work wonders for you.

Type of sunglasses for women

The best part about being a woman or girl is that you never run out of options. It’s true no matter how many times women say we have nothing to wear; the fact remains still that we do have a lot to wear.

If this applies to clothing, then it also applies to accessories; Therefore, it is suitable for sunglasses. So why not add it to your collections? Ditch your standard frames for a while and make these types of sunglasses your own.

Cat Eye

These sunglasses are upper-edged and are very popular among gals! You can choose frames with animal prints to make them even more descriptive. These sunglasses suit if you have a heart-shaped, oval-shaped, or inverted triangle-shaped face. Even if you need help with vision, you can go for prescription sunglasses for women in this style.


These types of sunglasses aren’t limited to any particular shape, but they have larger lenses, and they tend to cover up half of your face. Oversized sunnies are made of top-quality plastics or acetate, giving them a sturdier feel. You can find one in all shapes and designs, from funky to subtle.

Butterfly Sunglasses

These types of sunglasses are shaped like butterfly wings when open and have a criss cross-nose bridge fancying them. Butterfly shades are more fun and funky than cat eyes sunglasses. They are much more dramatic and combine your love for oversized sunnies and over-the-top design into one pair. Once again, face shapes do not come into the picture in these sunglasses, although you might want to pay attention to the fact that they are gonna suit your face.


Hexagonal sunglasses have a literal shape and add more definition to your face. Their edges are crisp yet softened, which makes them an excellent choice of sunnies for you. They also cut down chubbiness (visually); if you want a break from a baby face, you should add these to your collection. These sunglasses will look great on oval, rounded, and diamond face shapes.

Bottom line

As the above article has made you realize why you need to own some sunglasses, especially during summer. Why let the sun bother you and your eyes? Pick the best sunglasses for yourself. For the best and cheapest sunglasses collection, you can visit CA Glasses. They have a wide range of sunglasses that help you quickly lay some bold summer styles. You can find the right prescription sunglasses men and prescription sunglasses women over here.

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