2022 Truck Accessories Buyers Guide!

Regardless of your truck’s make and model, adding the right accessories can make it more functional and stylish. Even without additions, these vehicles are versatile, allowing you to tow, haul or go off-roading. Just think what your truck can do when you add to its practicality.

Consider what accessories you want to ensure your truck better meets your needs. With a simple search, you can find nearly any aftermarket part. Here are four popular options:

  1. Toolbox: Opt for a truck bed toolbox to keep your wrench, hammer and tape measure safe from all weather conditions. This container serves as a constructive way to keep your tools organized so you won’t have to search if you need a screwdriver in a hurry. Whether you choose steel, aluminum or plastic, keep your equipment safe with the lockable latch.
  2. Tonneau cover: The benefits of tonneau covers go beyond their aesthetic appeal. They improve gas mileage, keep items safely hidden and help to organize luggage. Decide if you want one that rolls up, tilts open or folds, as any option protects the goods you’re hauling. 
  3. Running boards: If you have kids or need extra assistance getting into your truck, nerf bars can help. They also protect the paint from debris, such as rocks, that may hit your doors during travel.
  4. Bed extender: Have you ever tried hauling something that was longer than your truck bed? An extender can add at least two feet to the overall length. Alternatively, flip the product toward the cab to create a small storage unit, which can hold groceries, shopping bags or other loads in place.

All-Weather Floor Liners To Protect Your Interior

If you’re looking for the ultimate floor protection, liners are your best bet. Options such as WeatherTech DigitalFit floor liners are designed to fit your specific vehicle.

They cover the floor completely, ensuring that spills, mud or water won’t ruin the carpeting. Additionally, alternatives, including Husky floor liners, have a lip around the edge, keeping all moisture and dirt contained.

If these liners slide around under your feet, you could be injured, or the carpet underneath could be easily damaged, which is why most come equipped with small spikes to keep them in place. Nevertheless, liners can be removed effortlessly for cleaning or replacement purposes.

If you’re looking for the best Tacoma bed stiffener, at Heavy Metal Off-Roade they want to load up our trucks with bed racks, roof top tents, gear, and accessories to take off-roading.

Best Seat Covers Materials

To protect your seats from the elements or add an extra flair to your truck’s interior, invest in covers. They keep the upholstery looking new for years to come by shielding it from sun exposure and spills. The most popular fabrics to choose from include:

  • Canvas
  • Leather
  • Mesh
  • Vinyl
  • Neoprene

Coverking Neosupreme seat covers might be a good fit if you’re searching for a comfortable polyester and cotton blend. Also, if you have kids, look into a waterproof option that can be wiped off easily if your child accidentally makes a mess.

When you’re ready to start shopping around, decide which accessories are suitable for your needs. Find a trustworthy online retailer that can answer your questions and assist you in buying precisely what you want.

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