3 big technology trends in 2022


Without a doubt, it is one of the technologies that will have the most influence, not only because it can give rise to new forms of contracting between companies and clients, but also because of the information exchanges that take place between entities. Blockchain technology has the added component that the huge transfer of information between thousands of connected computers around the world is done safely and reliably, and is verified – by means of a security consensus based on cryptography – by the community members themselves. Thus, it will allow information to be communicated with all kinds of agents of interest or direct and secure money transfers in a matter of seconds and at low cost. It will have special relevance in the spread of smart contracts, capable of executing themselves, without intermediaries, causing certain clauses or limitations to be activated when a series of specific conditions are met.


The IoT floods reality with countless devices interconnected with each other and with the cloud, providing all kinds of relevant data from the environment (home, car, office…) that can be managed later, through advanced analytics, with countless utilities. Its possibilities are endless if we transfer it to the business environment, since it will allow us to measure productivity, improve task management or facilitate industrial processes. In short, to develop more efficient and safe operating models, generating products that better meet the needs of customers, since their habits and the risks to which they are exposed will be known in real time. Keep in mind that video marketing is growing on the internet. It’s the rise of video marketing and you should miss this chance. Most of the young generation wants to become Vlogger or YouTube video creator in the future, so it means that the future is very bright for this space. You should focus on it right away. Buy YouTube views, always have quality content and upload videos on time.

Big Data

The use of data analysis technologies, under the Big Data model, is not something that is going to happen in the next few years, but is already part of the agendas in the technological and business areas. In fact, many infrastructures, tools and services already operate to process large and complex information, whose growth potential is incalculable. The IoT facilitates the collection of data regarding customer behavior, thus allowing the personalization and adaptability of insurance premiums and the minimization of risk.

The advanced analysis of data from all kinds of sources, whether they are messages on social networks, mobile signals, audio files, sensors, digital images, emails, etc., will allow companies to understand consumers and their needs in depth, adapting and personalizing its services and products, and creating new digital business models. However, the processing of this large volume of information is its main obstacle, since it requires a minimal investment from companies to optimize their strategy and complete a powerful storage system. In addition, a large volume of information is obtained, much of it without business interest, so it will be necessary to invest in a specific and useful data processing system.

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