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3 Simple Ways to Make Cleaning More Enjoyable for The Family

When the whole family get involved in cleaning the home, it can be a weight off of certain family members shoulders, and ensures a clean house, all year round. But, getting everyone in the household onboard when it comes to house cleaning and tidying, isn’t always a cakewalk, and more often than not, cleaning is left for one houseproud family member to take care of.

To avoid this and get the whole family cleaning on a regular basis, here are 3 simple tips:

  • Instigate 20 minute swift clean ups

Most members of the household will be able to spare at least 20 minutes a day to clean, right? 

By setting the timer for just 20 minutes and asking everyone who is able to help with cleaning, to put their best effort in for a short space of time, you can make the task seem more attainable and something that doesn’t inconvenience anyone to any great extent. You’d be surprised what can be achieved in 20 minutes, too, especially if each family member is assigned different tasks to do, or different areas of the home to keep clean and tidy. 

  • Create a reward system

Reward systems don’t have to be for kids, and no matter what a person’s age, a little positive reinforcement can work wonders for morale and enthusiasm. What motivates your family members will no doubt be personal and what might incentivize one person, won’t have the same effect for another. So, take the time to find out what rewards would make your family want to get onboard with cleaning, and take advantage of them! 

  • Blast out some tunes!

Most households have at least a small collection of songs that get them moving and make them want to do something other than sit on their butt watching TV, so blast out your familiesfavorite tunes and get everyone dancing around the place brandishing a duster! If you can’t agree on what music should play, simply turn the radio on to a pop frequency and there should be something for everyone. Music has long been known to be a motivator, so take advantage of this fact and get everyone boogying!

It doesn’t usually take a lot to unite a family when trying to keep a clean home, but you may have to put a little effort in and utilise the ideas above. However, if your family are content with living in a pigsty and have no plans to start cleaning anytime soon, simply call in the experts and have a professional cleaning company like maidsquadpro from Philadelphia get the place spotlessly clean from top to bottom.

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