3 Tech Trends Everyone Need To Know

After a year in which the pandemic has brought major technological and connectivity challenges to the world, 2021 has been the year of consolidation for the technology industry, which over time has been able to adapt to the circumstances and to market needs. Despite the chip shortage crisis and global supply, innovation and Digital transformation They have continued the race to adapt to post-pandemic times.

We present to you the 3 technological trends that were relevant this year and which in 2022 will continue to strengthen, and some content published in Impacto TIC in 2021 related to these trends.

1. Video

The gaming industry is growing every day and technology companies are adapting their products to the needs of this industry. Since 2020 the ecosystem has been dominated by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft , who have put their cards on the table and shown their strengths to bet on different things. Since the release of Xbox One , Microsoft has made a 180 degree turn in its products. Likewise, over time, new streaming platforms have consolidated that compete in this trend, such as YouTube.

YouTube is still leading among other video platforms. It has the largest audience, so YouTube takes an important place in every  famous gamer or video blogger’s career. You can buy YouTube dislikes. It definitely sounds weird, but dislikes also make videos popular, so don’t lose opportunity.

This world of players has no distinction of age or gender, women are opening more and more space in this guild and that is why Colombia was born ‘SheGaming’ a team made up of 4 women who write the history of eSports in the country. In Impacto TIC We spoke with 2 of them who told us their story and their experience.

2. The distributed cloud

More and more companies have turned to the cloud . And many of them are wondering how to make full use of its capabilities. Indeed, it is not only a question of thinking about the technology itself, with for example the question of which supplier could be the best fit, but also of the use which will be made of it to obtain good commercial results. .

To answer these questions, companies are increasingly moving towards a distributed cloud model, which overcomes latency issues. With this model, enterprise cloud usage is moving in a similar direction to energy supply, where suppliers produce energy from a distributed ecosystem on the grid.

3. 5G-edge hyperconnectivity

The distributed cloud pushes cloud services to the edge of the network where businesses can process distributed data. However, this is only possible through highly efficient, high- bandwidth , low-latency connectivity that revolves around 5G.

The promises of the network edge will only materialize when 5G is implemented at scale, as data must be processed at very low latency in a distributed capacity. In this scenario, network capacity is crucial, and that is why there is a strong push towards fiber optic broadband in both business and personal environments.

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