4 Holiday Marketing Tips You NEED to Know About

It’s an evocative time of the year, which means you need to get on board with some holiday marketing. 

In 2020, the pandemic’s uncertainty drew most shoppers to online stores to get their Christmas shopping done safely. Many online retailers are starting to initiate Christmas sales in early November to stay ahead of the game this year.

If your business needs a little festive advertising, we’ve got some holiday marketing tips for you. Keep reading for five festive marketing strategies to help you boost your sales this holiday season. 

  1. Incorporate a Holiday Contest or Giveaway

One of the most festive ways to market your business during the holidays is to create a contest for your shoppers. This is a great holiday marketing strategy because, well, people love free stuff.

This is also a great way to get your shoppers engaged in your social media. For your giveaway, have your social media followers comment, like, tag, or repost your content for more chances to win. You can also give existing customers perks for the giveaway. 

Create prizes that generate more sales for your business and keep your customers coming back. 

  1. Create Festive E-Gift Cards

Gift cards have been the saving grace for anyone who has accidentally left someone off their Christmas shopping list. Making e-gift cards for your business or product is one of the most crucial holiday marketing tactics. 

For many, running around the mall is not only a huge hassle, but it can still also be considered unsafe due to the safety rules of the pandemic.

Your Christmas marketing will undoubtedly see significant returns with the implementation of e-gift cards. Often, those who are using a gift card will spend more than the gift card’s value. This also lengthens your holiday shopping period well into the new year.  

  1. Put Together an Exclusive Email List 

You may already have a list of existing or previous shoppers. This is an excellent time to create a list of loyal customers privy to exclusive deals during the holiday season. 

In this email, you can include a list of popular items that are currently on sale. You can also get more specific by targeting regular customers and things they might like based on their shopping history. 

This carefully curated email list can also be a great way to promote your newly minted e-gift cards. 

  1. Create Engaging Holiday Content 

Great holiday content gets shoppers invested in your business and your product. 

You want to ensure that you are putting out engaging, high-quality, valuable content for your shoppers. 

For example, if you create Thanksgiving marketing strategies, your blogs can touch on important holiday themes. Topics like how to make the holidays less stressful or how to cook the perfect turkey, or how to host a holiday party on a budget can get your traffic and traction to your business’ website.

The right eCommerce marketing agency can help you reach your target audience. They can ensure that you are putting out content promptly to promote engagement and interaction from your shoppers. 

Sell with These Holiday Marketing Tips 

Getting in the holiday spirit is essential if you want to boost your holiday sales. With these holiday marketing tips, your business is sure to get some extra traction well beyond the holiday season. Try holding a contest, creating holiday-themed content, creating e-gift cards, and making an exclusive em-mail list. 

If you found this article informative, keep coming back to our blog for more marketing ideas for the holiday season and more.


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