4 Must Have Features Of Intranet Solutions

Intranet forms the foundation of your staff’s communications. There are ample features that make small business intranet solutions stand out. From collaboration to productivity there is a lot that can be grabbed from the intranet but only if it consists of efficient features. Without such special features, an intranet becomes just like another platform for getting the work done. So for all those who wish to improve their company’s intranet, it’s time to consider these five features that your employees will love.

Features Of An Intranet

The best intranet for small business encourages employees to bring the tool in use and cause a visible difference in the performance. If used wisely, this can be a tool that can make one’s work efficient and crisp. So here are five must-have features of a good intranet portal.


Increasing productivity is one of the most renowned goals that comes along with small business intranet solutions. It basically means reducing cost and providing more profits. To make it possible, your intranet solutions include –

  • Streamlined procedures
  • Effective communication
  • Promotion of efficient work in groups and teams
  • No expenses for travel during meetings
  • Time management
  • Reduced search time

These are the six qualities that every intranet portal has. With the help of these qualities, you witness increased productivity in the organisation. So if you want all of the above mentioned benefits then find the best internal communication software for your organisation now.

Employee Engagement

The next must have feature is employee engagement. This is a key in every organisation. WHen the employees are engaged and committed in their work, your company starts growing. The only reason behind the success of a organisation is how well its employees are involved in it. If the employees are working to achieve the overall objectives of a company with a constant force that would gradually translate into productivity and innovation. Here is how small business intranet solutions help in achieving employee engagement.

  • By making employees feel important through rewards and recognition
  • Allowing freedom of expression
  • Communicating company goals in a simple way
  • Keeping up with social get togethers and activities


With the current situation, remote working has become a part of every organisation. It lets the staff to work at any time of the day and fromwanywhre. Basically, mobility ensures flexibility and freedom of work. To achieve this, you need an intranet solution that is efficient enough to carry out the tasks as per every employee’s flexibility, without hampering the workflow. Mobile apps that can be accessed by every employee are part of an effective intranet solution. It helps in the following ways.

  • Keeps everyone connected from different devices
  • Provides information without any delay
  • Allows to connect with employees
  • Keeps a track of work hours

Employee Advocacy

An internal portal for employees helps in forming a PR for free. Employee advocacy tools help in making a company’s image and reputation. It helps the businesses to grow by word of mouth advertising. There are many motivated employees in an organisation who love speaking about their company and this is what helps in marketing about the organization. Only if you choose the right intranet portal can you get free of cost advertising for your brand. With intranet you can –

  • Share information about the products, campaigns and upcoming events of the company
  • Build trust and ocmoft between staff and management
  • Attract newbies with good skills


Whenever you choose an intranet for your company, make sure it has all the above mentioned features. With that being said, this is how a powerful intranet portal can help you grow and succeed.

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