4 Printing Techniques to Print Your Custom CBD Tincture Boxes

Custom CBD tincture boxes are a great way to show off your brand, build a customer database, and increase sales. The art of creating custom tincture packaging includes different printing features. There are many different techniques to print custom tincture containers and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. 

The four most common printing techniques used for custom tincture packaging boxes are digital printing, silk-screen printing, flexography (also known as linoleum printing), and lithography (also known as letterpress). Let’s take a closer look at these four options:


The lithographic printing technique has been around for hundreds of years, but it has only been used in the food industry since the 1960s. The process starts with a stone or another material that is coated with ink. The plate is then pressed down onto the desired material and pulled back up, leaving an imprint of the image. 

  • Many companies use lithography to create tincture packaging because it allows them to produce a wide range of products without having to worry about space or size. 
  • Lithography also creates high-quality images using an engraved plate that resembles inkjet printer cartridges (or “ink” in this case).
  • Lithography is a versatile printing technique that can be used to print on a wide range of materials. 
  • It is an excellent technique for printing on paper and cardboard, but it also works well with plastic, metal, glass, and more. 

Lithography has been used by many companies in various industries because it allows you to create custom CBD tincture boxes without having to worry about how much space your product will take up or whether it will fit through your printer’s machine.


Flexography is a printing method that uses pressure to transfer the image onto paper or other flexible materials

  • It is one of the most popular printing techniques used by different printing or packaging companies. This is because it is relatively cheap and easy to do.
  • Flexographic printing can be used to print on many different types of products, including food packaging, labels, and other consumer goods.
  • It is a very cost-effective method to print different types of custom packaging such as kraft paper bags. However, the picture quality is not as high as lithography.
  • You are not bound to choose only one or two types of materials to use flexography for printing. Rather, it allows you to print on various surfaces such as kraft, cardboard, paperboard, etc.

The process begins with a plate that has been created from a digital image file. The plate is then used to transfer the image onto paper or other materials in a press.

The process is similar to lithography, except that flexographic printing uses a polymer plate instead of stone. The plate is made from a thin sheet of polyester material with thousands of tiny pores on its surface. The plate is coated with ink and then run through the press, which applies pressure to transfer the image onto paper or other flexible materials.

Silk-Screen Printing

Silk-screen printing is a type of printing that uses a flexible mesh to apply ink to paper or other materials. It is commonly used in the production of all kinds of printed materials, including packaging boxes.

Silkscreen printing works by using an image on the screen and then pressing it onto your product (for example, on top of a piece of paper). The ink will then wash away from where it was applied onto your product as it dries out over time. This process creates an image permanently embedded into the structure that you have created with your design layout. 

  • It gives you high-quality image results but it becomes a costly method especially when you want to print different print designs. This is because, for every new design, you have to use a new utensil or mesh. In this way, it becomes a costly method. 
  • Also, it is a time taking printing method however the results are amazing as the image quality lasts longer.

Silkscreen printing is one of the most flexible types of printing in terms of the materials it can be used on, as well as the size. It is often used for creating large signage that you might see in public places like hospitals or airports, but it can also be used to create smaller objects like business cards, t-shirts, or packaging boxes.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a process that uses digital files to print on a wide range of substrates. The high resolution and speed of this technology allow for high-quality images, text, and graphics that can be easily manipulated. 

  • This technique allows for short runs with minimal setup time. 
  • It is also cost-effective because you don’t need to buy expensive equipment or hire an expert printer who knows how to use it.
  • Its drawback is that the resulting product can be more expensive than traditional printing methods. It has other drawbacks too. For example, you may need to change the design if it doesn’t print well. The cost of this technology is also higher than traditional printing methods because you have to pay for the equipment and training. 
  • Besides, you may have to face a slight color difference if you want to use digital printing for your packaging boxes because colors are difficult to match in this technique.

The most common types of digital printing include sublimation printing. This is a process that uses heat to transfer ink onto substrates such as T-shirts or coffee mugs. It is often used to print on textiles because the results are almost indistinguishable from dye sublimation.


Custom printed boxes are a good option to pack your tinctures. It can be used for a variety of products including pills, liquid medicines, and supplements. Tincture packaging boxes are made from a variety of materials including paper, plastic, or glass bottles. 

You can use different printing techniques that can be used to create custom tincture packaging boxes including digital printing, lithography, and flexography among others. Each printing technique has its peculiar process, perks, drawbacks, and results.


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