4 Short-Term Solutions for When You Can’t Make Rent

Sometimes it can feel as though paying rent on time is impossible. When this happens, it is key that you find quick, feasible ways to make rent money fast. Depending on where you live, this task may be easy, or somewhat frustrating. Either way, it’s important to start with tasks that you can manage. To help get you started, here are four short-term solutions for when you can’t make rent on time: 

1. Seek Out Rental Assistance Programs 

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources to begin making money on their own, even with the many different side gig apps that exist today. In today’s tough economic landscape, some people need help immediately and require a quick, no-strings-attached way to do so. Especially for those who live with families, finding a rental assistance program that can help keep them housed is crucial. Thankfully, most major cities have rental assistance programs that will help families in need on a quick, sometimes-immediate timeline. For rental assistance programs in Houston, simply searching the internet can lead you to the right place. You’ll just need to be prepared to do a lengthy application to get your assistance, in most cases. 

2. Sell Old and Unwanted Belongings 

If you have anything of value in your house that you can sell to quickly raise rent money, taking the time to do so is well worth it. Anything from tools or electronics to CDs and DVDs, musical instruments, sporting goods, literature, or tableware could be included. Despite the sentimental importance of some goods, you can undoubtedly part with a few. The money you raise by selling a personal item might not be enough to pay the rent if it is not a valuable item. You might use it to make partial payments, though. Additionally, you can make a side business out of flipping, and earn extra money that way. However, you’ll need to understand the value of the items you’re flipping to make this solution viable in the short term. The more you’re willing to part with belongings that you do not absolutely need, the more money you can make right now. New parents can benefit from the space they’ll free up by selling old and unwanted belongings as well. 

3. Become a Delivery Driver

Numerous online services and apps exist and allow you to deliver food or groceries in response to online requests. For those that need to make money immediately, signing up for these types of on-demand side gigs can be highly attractive. After all, you need to take what you can when you need to make rent money at this very moment. If you own a truck, van, or car, you can accept this type of work and get paid by the hour to make money so you can pay your rent on time. Imagine all the extra money you could make if you took up one of these occupations regularly for a few hours. Typically, you’ll be making more than twenty dollars an hour working for delivery driving apps. If you’d rather give rides, you can sign up for a ridesharing app if you have a car that qualifies (and a clean driving record). 

4. Start House Sitting

Many people choose to leave their homes in the care of someone else when they need to travel for work or leisure. You can find these jobs by searching Craigslist, and other places where local classifieds are listed. There are numerous websites where you may discover house-sitting employment, and these jobs typically pay very good money for little-to-no real work. You could even pick up another online side gig while you’re housesitting to earn tons of money quickly. While some house-sitting positions are long-term if the owners have relocated for employment, other positions are temporary. Finding a house sitting setup that will serve your schedule and interests properly is key, however. The more often you house sit, the more often you can save on energy costs at your own home or apartment that you’re renting. You could save tons of money via house sitting, depending on whether or not you’re willing to get creative. 

Reclaim Your Finances

As you reclaim your finances, you’ll benefit in a ton of different ways. Not only will you have the ability to make rent on time, but you’ll now have extra money to use for investments and everyday needs. With any luck, you can begin using these four money-making routes to begin living a more comfortable, satisfying life. While you’ll have to put in the proper work, each of these money-making routes has something valuable to offer you. 

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