4 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Residential Entry Door

What does almost everyone that ever comes into your house, including you, touch? The door. The door is often overlooked as just a functional aspect of your home. We all come and go daily, sometimes multiple times, without ever stopping to think about or look at the entryway.

Your door does more than provide safety for your family and secure your belongings. Maintaining your doors is crucial to ensure they are always in good working order. Beyond function, your choice of entry doors gives a general impression of what to expect on the inside.

Functionality Is Key

The greatest importance of a door is functionality. Normal wear and tear and accidental damage contribute to the decline in the function of your doors. When it is time to replace a residential entry door, there are many options in residential entry doors on the market. When shopping for a new door, take into consideration the climate and make a choice that will withstand the elements in your area.

Consider Your Privacy

Is privacy a concern in your home? Living in a major city, privacy and blocking the view of the outside world may be of concern more so than in an isolated area. There are several options for doors offering obstructed views to complete privacy. Consider a door with a very high, narrow window to let in natural light that makes it difficult to see inside your home. A door with no window is the way to go for complete privacy.

Energy Efficiency

Be sure to check for an energy efficiency label. This label will give you a performance rating on the door in reference to the area that you live in. This will become very important for maintaining a comfortable home climate and not running up your energy bills. Also, consider the direction your doors face in reference to sunrise and sunset. Glass sliders that let in the morning sun also contribute to heat. Depending on the climate you live in, this could be a help or hindrance.


An attractive door can increase curb appeal for your home. Depending on your style preferences, there are many styles and colors to choose from in residential doors. Many doors can be purchased unfinished, allowing you to create the perfect color and style for your entry. Plain door or window with patterned glass? Remember, if you are finishing your door, to protect all six sides with the finish, not just the front and back, to ensure your door lasts. Alternatively, you can buy an already finished door that has been painted, stained, or sealed, making replacing your door quick and easy.

Final Tips

Doors are an integral part of your living space that is often overlooked. When upgrading your residential entry doors, consider the climate where you live. Whatever doors you choose, make sure you are dealing with a professional company offering high-quality doors and materials. Beyond what color or style the door is, it must be functional and in good condition.

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