4 unique travelling trends emerging in 2022

What are the travelling trends emerging in 2022? We will go through 4 important aspects of travelling in 2022.

Live unique experiences

Travellers are increasingly demanding more experiences and innovative activities, which they do not usually do in their day to day. For example, experts explain that ecological tours are gaining strength and often become something exceptional. They share insider information about the area and how to protect it for the future. Tours that use part of their income to fund sustainability projects, like restoring forest and animal habitats, are chosen over alternatives that don’t champion any cause. Another type of experience that is going to be in high demand are those in which you can immerse yourself in the culture of that country by living with locals and people from there, the so-called Live Like a Local. Travellers will often choose those destinations where they can experience immersive experiences and that give them access to do and eat like the locals do and even share something of their lives.

Streaming and getting donations

People have very busy lives, most of them can’t afford travelling in particular areas of the world. That’s why streaming online when travelling is a good idea. Twitch has a big community where people enjoy sightseeings online and they fund / donate people who travel and show them live streams. You can do the same – there are Twitch live viewers buy options where you can get targeted followers who will engage and watch your streams. It means a lot for the algorithm of Twitch.

For today’s travellers, social issues are a very important factor when choosing where to go on holiday and some prefer not to go to a destination if they think it will have a negative impact on the people who live there. Therefore, currently tourists do not choose sites only based on whether it is prettier or not, but they also look at the impact that this can have on these people and also on the environment.

This is closely linked to that ecological awareness that is seen more and more in people and that is that travellers will look closely at the environmental practices that are carried out in the destinations they travel to. Travellers will make a decision driven by their desire to travel more environmentally conscious. Therefore, investing in environmentally committed travel companies that use exciting technology to create a sustainable future in destinations around the planet will be a good bet.

Multi-day tours and activities

It is another of the trends that we will see in this sector and that is that travellers will book activities and tours in advance that they can do as soon as they arrive at the destination without the need to worry or waste time planning. In addition, Arranz adds that “it will also be a trend when travelling to make large trips on a small scale, the so-called short breaks. It is expected to be a year focused on tailor-made solutions and short trips will have well-thought-out itineraries to fit to shorter periods as long as it is coupled with personalised experiences.

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