4 Ways You Can Benefit From Investing in a Pool Enclosure

The perks of owning a residential swimming pool are infinite. And swimming, being one of the best exercises, has its own risks when practised at commercial pools. Residential swimming pools let your kids learn to swim quickly and in the safest way possible. And of course, pool parties are no exception when it comes to hosting a special event at your residence. However, one setback you will experience is all these benefits are limited to Summers. Australian monsoons can turn your pool parties messy, and that’s where pool enclosures can come to the rescue. 

Luckily, enclosures are customisable and come in versatile designs and styles to match your preferences. From steel frames to aluminium and fibreglass setup, there are multiple options to choose from. Meanwhile, the prime benefit behind installing an enclosure is that your pool will be safer, easy to maintain and ready for all-season use. 

Why Is Installing a Pool Enclosure a Mindful Choice?

A pool enclosure is similar to that of an indoor space. So, it doubles up working out to having your home feel extended and spacious. Also, pool enclosures are remarkably functional. So, whether you like to set up a minibar or have your outdoor furniture stacked, enclosing your pool is the best thing to do! And here are four sweeping perks you will enjoy from installing a pool enclosure:

  • Shielding Intense Summers

Though a pool party or dive into the pool work best during summers, days with peak temperatures can turn swimming exhausting. Despite all measures, having an open pool increases the risk of water turning hot. Some researchers say that High aerobic activity in high-temperature water can be dangerous. Additionally, direct exposure to UV rays can be harmful to your skin during hot summers. On the flip side, screened pools can keep you away from UV rays and keep the pool water cooler.

  • Minimal Maintenance

If you have had an open pool prior, you will know how much it takes to maintain your pool and keep it clean. Open swimming pools are susceptible to debris, dust, leaves and other dry wastes falling into the pool water. And in the worst cases, one will even have to hire cleaners to get the poolside cleaned professionally. However, when you have an enclosure, you will be saving maintenance costs. With pool screens, your pool is safe from moisture accumulation that leads to algae/mould growth, evaporating pool water and debris building underground. 

  • Safety Factor

If you have a family with kids and pets, a pool enclosure is the first investment you must make to ensure that your pool is 100% safe. In Australia, 14.8 deaths happen per year on average due to pool accidents. Meanwhile, screened pools can keep kids and pets under your supervision in a confined area. Also, as these enclosures make cleaning more manageable, there is minimal moisture buildup around the pool. As a result, it depreciates the occurrence of accidental slips and falls. 

  • Minimising Chemical Usage

Undeniably, swimming pools need to be pH balanced. So, to ensure that it does, you might have to add chemicals like Sodium Carbonate, etc. Meanwhile, open pools are highly prone to having their pH fall or rise quickly, and so does the need to add chemical agents. And sometimes, these chemicals can induce allergies and itchy eyes, causing discomfort after a swimming session. However, pool enclosures act as a barrier against such fluctuating pH in your pool by keeping away foreign agents. Thus, it minimises the use of chemicals and chlorine, making the pool water skin-friendly and safe.

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