5 Сommon Pop-up Mistakes You Should Avoid

It’s a common marketing practice that, on the one hand, a pop-up is annoying to many users and might make browsing the website the worst experience. On the other hand, pop-ups are helpful.

Stay tuned and know more tips for your successful business.

What is a pop-up and why do we need them?

A pop-up is usually a small window that appears in the foreground of the visual interface. JavaScrip usually generates the pop-up window containing an advertisement.

It is typically used for increasing conversions, or subscriptions, offering sales or free shipping in exchange for an email address, telling visitors about your newsletter, giving personalized recommendations, collecting feedback, offering to let the customer know when their product is back in stock and sharing news about current sales.

Here is an example of a pop-up that offers a sale for your first offer and a free U.S. shipping over 25 dollars in exchange for your email address.

What are the benefits of pop-ups?

To make you more sure about using them or not, read the following information about pop-up’s advantages. What are they?

  • Grabbing users’ attention. Users could read even the least amount of information when they decide to click the closing button monitoring the website. It means that you will definitely get your message across and users get valuable information. 
  • Having an impact on user’s purchases. Pop-ups push users for new offers because they often can have doubts about them. Users should have real reasons for buying. Giving a discount or free shipping can help and make sure about it, especially if the pop-up has a countdown timer as well.
  • Focusing on an important message. While monitoring the website users spread their attention to many different things. Pop-ups help you guide the user’s attention in the way that benefits you the most and results in increased profit. You can pay their attention to one call-to-action button, or introduce your product.
  • Driving conversions. Boosting conversions and thus increasing revenue is one of the most attractive advantages of using pop-ups in e-commerce. Compared to other opt-ins, they still reign supreme.  

Use pop-ups properly and don’t make the following things.

5 pop-up mistakes you should avoid

Using a pop-up the moment after the user entered your website

Give time to the users to learn more about a product or service, the website, especially when they’re visiting for the first time, invite to subscribe to the newsletter or talk to a manager if a question has arisen using a pop-up after some time.

Solution: It is better to set up displaying a pop-up or a subscription form 30 seconds or more after visiting the site. 

Not using an adaptive design

The client can log in from a laptop, or from a mobile phone. Subscription forms should be convenient, as clear as possible, and mobile-friendly from any device.

Solution: Test and run different pop-up formats for desktop and mobile. Keep in mind that the smaller the screen, the more concise the wording, and fewer enter fields the subscription form should contain. 

Using pop-ups that overlap each other

It’s important to go easy on the number of pop-ups and not to irritate the user. Because when overlapping, they distract the user from the necessary information and don’t give them a chance to focus on the really necessary information.

Solution: Taking into account the format when pop-ups do not overlap when customizing pop-up scripts. For example, an online chat can be in the right corner of the website, and a pop-up in the left one. Also keep in mind that if you run the pop-up in the center of the screen, it should not be   covered by another shape.  

Сreating pop-ups with no exit button

Most users react extremely negatively to pop-ups without an option to exit, especially when they log in from a mobile phone. No an “exit button” makes users leave the website.That’s why it is important to allow the user to click on it and close the pop-up form if the offer is not relevant to them. 

Solution: It’s vital to allow the user to click on or close the pop-up form if the offer is irrelevant. 

Launching a pop-up and forgetting about it 

Solution: Test different calls, formats, offers, and conditions for displaying pop-up forms. Analyze the results and leave the best options. At the same time, do not forget to periodically change them and test again. 

Final words

Use 13Chats and create pop-ups for free. Remember what mistakes you should avoid and use pop-ups to make the most of your business.

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