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5 Accessories That Will Elevate Your Backyard

CopperSmith provides all of the accessories needed to create the perfect space for homeowners who want their backyards to be both functional and beautiful. Made with long-lasting quality materials and weather resistant, these five accessories will create an outdoor living area, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

1) Copper Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great focal point for gatherings. It can provide warmth, light, and even your favorite meals. A fire pit at the end of summer and fall can also be a gathering point for friends and family to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Here are some considerations when deciding on your copper fire pit: 

  • Location – The best location for a firepit is in an outdoor space with little activity, so it’s not too close to any trees or structures. Ideally, you would want the space to be at least 6ft away from anything combustible 
  • Size – Choosing how big you want your fire pit will depend on how many people will typically be near it. If this is going to be one place where you’ll sit around and chat, then it needs to be smaller. 
  • Shape- If multiple people gather around the fire pit, they’ll need more room if they’re all facing inward towards one another. They’ll need less room spread out around the outside edge. 
  • Material- Copper Smith uses copper because it has natural antibacterial properties, resists corrosion, has high heat conductivity, and looks beautiful. 

You should decide which features are most important to you before purchasing a copper fire pit like CopperSmith that will enhance your backyard atmosphere this winter season!

BBQ Grill

A perfect backyard begins with a functional grill. Gas grills are easier to maintain and can be operated remotely or manually, so you don’t need to stay close to the heat! If using charcoal, a natural gas flame lighter may help get it going; this is a useful tool when trying to light coal if you’re using an old-fashioned hand-poker device. The 5x5x5 aluminum pedestal base provides optimum stability when in use. To prevent scorching the ground beneath your grill, purchase one of our durable aluminum side tables with hooks for hanging tools like spatulas and tongs. We also have heavy-duty bamboo table tops designed for those who prefer cooking over natural materials.

Stone Benches

When buying your backyard chairs, you want to ensure they fit in with your aesthetic. For example, if you’re looking for a garden chair that fits into the naturalist vibe of your home, then why not go with something made out of stone? CopperSmith offers a wide variety of stone benches that can be matched up to the rest of your furniture. Stone Benches are not only sturdy and durable but are also beautiful enough to be shown off in any part of the yard, inside or out!


A backyard fountain isn’t just a decorative element. It’s a way to keep your outdoor space well-lit and add natural sound to the environment. A copper fountain is an excellent addition because it reflects light at night and can scare away certain types of insects. Plus, they’re often positioned to look like dancing, adding to their charm. Copper fountains can come in any shape or size, and you’re sure to find one that fits your style here at CopperSmith!


Hammocks are the perfect accessory for when you want to relax in your outdoor space. They’re cozy and fun, and most importantly, they create a unique area in which you can take time to rest while enjoying the outdoors. Why not soak up some sun with a CopperSmith hammock for those hot summer days? You’ll find that these hammocks are made from natural materials like copper, cotton rope, jute rope, and recycled nylon rope. Not only do these materials look stylish, but they also have extra insulation properties that will keep you cool even on the hottest of days.


Turn your ordinary backyard into an extraordinary one with these five backyard accessories. CopperSmith offers a variety of personalized options, including designs and personalized engravings, to make your backyard truly unique. The company can even create custom items for you if desired. Head over to the website now and find the perfect accessory for you!

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